50 Astonishing Braided Hairstyles For Black Women

Wearing braids is an easy way to protect your course hair from the everyday stress of coming in styling while protecting it from the harsh conditions of the weather. They are styles that can be accomplished with braiding and can be as unique and creative as the hairstylists is capable of. Braids for black women offer the variety and versatility that allows them to wear any chosen hairstyle, regardless of the texture or length of her natural hair.

#1 Multi-sized Braided Bun

Placing small braids in between chunkier braids is a good way to add a touch of uniqueness to one of the oldest, most original styles worn today. The alternation between big braids and small braids adds a sense of sophistication to an already elegant hairstyle. These braids for black women are great for occasions when they want to keep their hair off their face and neck with a simple hairstyle that is easy to maintain.

#2 Side-Braided Mohawk

This hairstyle may not look like much to some, but the Mohawk hairstyle has taken on variations that have redefined what we think of a Mohawk. With this particular hairstyle, instead of cutting their hair off around the edges, sides and back in order to fully achieve this style, this simple and easy hairstyle involves the installation of braids for black women in a creative design so that only the top of the hair is left free. This hairstyle is good for women who don’t want to cut their edges, sides or back, but still want to rock a Mohawk.

#3 Shoulder -Length Box Braids

Wearing box braids is a good way to be able to wear your hair down without worrying about it becoming tangled or losing its tameness. Box braids for black women are also a great protective hairstyle that will allow the hair to grow without shedding and breaking, which helps retain the length of the hair itself over time. This hairstyle is perfect for the busy woman who doesn’t have time in the morning to tame her mane.

#4 Bob-Styled Crocheted Braids

Instead of platting the entire head in braids, this style uses already braided hair that is crocheted into the cornrows braided close to the scalp using the woman’s own natural hair. This hairstyle is perfect for someone who does not have the patience for sitting in a chair for 8 to 10 hours getting box braids or micro braids for black women, but still want to duplicate the style, ease and versatility of they offer. Crochet braided hairstyles have become increasingly popular, as the style allows women to create various styles that were unattainable before without wearing a wig.

#5 Waist Length Pencil Braids

These braids are not as small as micro braids, so they will not pull out your edges from the root. Also, they are not as big as box braids for black women so they are easier to curl or style into other looks. Perm rods can be used to jazz up the style and add some volume and bounce to this look. This hairstyle is perfect for the young women on the go who is looking for an urban style that is sleek and fashionable, but do not want to wear long tracks or a full cap wig.

#6 Fancy Braided Crown

This style is so unique as it requires a skilled hairstylist in order to roll the hair in such intricate detail and then flawlessly arrange the remaining hair into a big braided crown around the circumference of the head. As glamorous as this style is, it is actually perfect for everyday wear since all the hair is protected neatly in the braids. This style is also great for holiday parties or even business dinner.

#7 Ghana Braids

If you dare to be bold, this style is perfect. It is simple enough to achieve. Once it is done, there is no need to fuss about keeping the hairstyle from messing up or worry about the braids unraveling from your hair as long as they are attached securely but not excessively tight. These braids for black women are age-appropriate for teenage girls, as it is not too sexy or sassy. So they can be cute wearing this hairstyle without taking away the innocence of their appearance.

#8 Oversized Goddess Twists

This hairstyle combines urban elegance with the forever popular twist ropes. This style is perfect for the summer when the hair needs to be protected from the humidity, but you are going for a stylish look that is useful and playful. Black professional women often wear braids for black women pulled back in a low ponytail or high bun in order to achieve a modest look of elegance but still maintain some urban identity.

#9 Large Box Braids

This hairstyle has become very popular with college-aged women, as they provide a look that is neat and eye-catching. The size of the braids adds to the preciseness of the hairstyle, as every hair is in place. The best thing about braids for black women and this style is that because of the size of the braids, they are not hard to take down and they do not pull your hair out around the edges. This is a perfect style for any woman who is looking to grow their natural hair out. Having braids for black women this size allows each hair strand to be protected and preserved as it grows over time.

#10 Short Free-Forming Braids

This hairstyle, which resembles the freedom of dreadlocs, has emerged as a popular way to wear our kinky natural hair without extensions or weave, and still protected our hair with braids for black women. Even though this style is not neat and slick, it offers a lot of flexibility. A flower can be used as an accent on the side, or the twists can be pinned into a French roll. Little girls that want dreadlocs can wear this hairstyle to duplicate the look without making the permanent change to their hair.

#11 Faux Locs Mohawk

This hairstyle is very trendy as its pairs plats of Faux Locs with a Mohawk and a detailed side fade to create a highly fashionable urban look. Women who are already have their sides shaved off can achieve this look easily by having lines and detailed shaved on the sides. Women who do not have their sides shaved will either have to take one for the team, or slick the hair up or back, but they will not have the detailing. The only way to do that is to install braids for black women on the sides in a unique pattern.

#12 Curly Half-Braided Micro-braids

This style has stood the test of time, as it has been very popular in the last decade. While human hair is preferable because it does not tangle as fast, but a high quality synthetic hair will suffice. The most important thing to pay attention to is the type of curl the hair has, as this will be the hair that is hanging loose. With this style, you can pin the braided part of the hair up and let the loose curls fall like a fountain, or, braid the entire head into 2 French braids on each side, then let the bottom of the hair fall on your shoulders like pig tails.

#13 Wavy Half-Braided Micro-Braids

This sleek and sassy style allows for a lot of versatility, as the braids can be parted in different ways, allowing the wavy hair to hang in multiple directions. The wavy pattern of the hair adds a touch of class and contrasts well with the braided hair. This hairstyle is great for professional women want to have a professional look, but still wants to maintain an urban essence. A teenage girl would also wear this style to an even like the prom or homecoming dance and look glamorous without going overboard.

#14 Feeder Ghana Braids

This style is fancy enough to be worn to a wedding or holiday gala yet casual enough to be road every day. This is how is perfect for woman wants a hairstyle that will enhance the features of her face out hair framing her face. Yet and still, this style is so captivating that even a grown woman can wear this style. Regardless of whether she is a school teacher, doctor or a real estate agent, adult women of all ages can wear this style and people will still turn and stare to admire the creativity and beauty of the style.

#15 Natural Hair Bun With Twist-Stranded Bangs

This hairstyle shows off the length of the hair, and while it’s not neat and perfect, it is not meant to be. This hairstyle is great for girls with long, thick hair that need a style that is easy to manage and has a girl’s. This is definitely a head-turning hairstyle that is worth giving a try if it fits your personality. If you wish to add more flare to the hairstyle, the bun can be partially undone in a way that allows the ends of the hair to sprout around the top of the bun.

#16 Large Box Braids

This hairstyle enhances the facial features without calling too much attention to the actual hairstyle. This style works for casual hairstyles and can be modified with the touch of this occasion suits an event that requires elegance. Because this style can be worn for months, the length is retained from the breakage caused by that makes this style perfect aware during the winter months when the cold air makes our hair dry and brittle.

#17 Havana Crochet Twists

This hairstyle looks very natural, giving the thick hair growing directly from the scalp. This hairstyle is perfect for traveling as there is not much maintenance needed to keep the hairstyle looking elite. Some styles use loose hair, but this style uses pre-braided hair that is either store bought or created using braiding hair before installed. This makes the installation process fast and easy.

#18 Crochet Box Braid Bun

This hairstyle is simple, classic yet elegant looking. The great thing about this hairstyle is how fast and easy it is to accomplish and the versatility it offers with being able to style it in different ways. This style is perfect for the woman who wants curly or wavy hairstyles that allow the hair to have somewhat of a natural look while protecting her natural hair in the braids.

#19 Jumbo Box Braids

This hairstyle is funky, stylish and fun. The best thing about this style is that it can be worn for months and re-created into new styles before the hair needs to be redone. This is also the perfect hairstyle for women who are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair but are not comfortable undergoing the big chop. This hairstyle will allow them to cut the hair gradually over time while allowing it to grow to the desired length without the dry and frizzy hair days in between.

#20 Jumbo Pencil Braids

This hairstyle can be worn all 4 seasons, as it is stylish all year round. The great thing about this hairstyle is you can let the braids hang and create a different look without much effort. At the same time, teenage girls wear this style to look sassy without looking too grown up or ahead of their years. This hairstyle gives a professional look to an popular style from the 80’s when black women work box braids in a bob.

#21 Short Length Crochet Box Braids

This style is versatile, and great for middle aged women who want versatility but class. Grown women can wear this style when preparing for a twist-out hairstyle. When setting in the twists for a few days, this hairstyle serves the purpose of creating a hairstyle now and another one later. Some eye shadow, lipstick, eye-catching earrings and a stylish scarf can really add some jazz to this look and create a whole new style.

#22 Oversized Havana Twists

This hairstyle eludes afrocentric authenticity while remaining sexy. The great thing about this hairstyle is that they can be worn down, pinned up, put in a ponytail or even curled with rollers, which adds a lot of versatility to this style. Regardless, this is a hairstyle that could be worn on the job and satisfy the professional requirement of looking professional and then worn on a date that evening and elude a lady-like sense of elegance.

#23 Large Box Braids

This hairstyle combines a girlish look with a hint of elegance. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it does not have to be perfect or neat to be stylish, as the untamed hairs add to the creativity of the hairstyle. With box braids, women can grow out their hair for months or years at a time, as long as they keep the hair moisturized and keep the braids maintained.

#24 Waist Length Faux Locs

This hairstyle is sassy, unique but classic. If you take care well of this style then it can be look good for months before the locs look like they need to be taken out. When the hair is too short to lay the desired length but too long to lay flat against the head, girls who have made the choice to go natural may find it difficult to find hairstyles that complement their face and look attractive. This hairstyle can be worn regardless of the length of your hair, as there are so many ways to re-create this hairstyle.

#25 Box Twist Bun

This up-do hairstyle is elegant and regal, as it shows off the features of the face and neckline well. The best thing about this hairstyle is that the braids can be touched up individually in order to refresh and the look of the style, especially around the edges. In order to add some versatility to the hairstyle, the bun can be unpinned which would allow the braids to fall and hang down the back or swooped to one side.

#26 Shoulder Length Faux Locs

This hairstyle has a very natural appearance and is perfect for the woman who wants to sport dreadlocs but doesn’t want her hair permanently locked. The technique that is used to create this style makes the final product indistinguishable between these and real dreadlocs. This style calls to the Afrocentric woman who wants a style that embraces the contemporary essence of modern black women.

#27 Shoulder Length Box Braids

This hairstyle is not too grown and sassy for a young girl or teenager, but it is not too girlish for a grown woman to wear either. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can be completed in a matter of hours and it is not too time consuming taking sown. Also, the style does not have to be perfect to be cute. That’s why even as the hairstyle ages and the roots begin to show new growth, the style will not look completely worn out as long as the braids are well maintained.

#28 Havana Crown Braid

This hairstyle is the definition of regal and elegance, but has the simplicity of a pin up. This hairstyle is perfect for the natural woman who has a hard time styling her naturally kinky hair because there is no right or wrong whey to achieve this style. The crown is a symbol of royalty by nature, and the creativity of using the hair to make it is that much more intriguing. This makes the style sexy, sleek, precise and high class.

#29 Mega-Large Faux Locs

This hairstyle is one of those styles that is reserved for the bold, daring and unique black women who have the effervescent personality to match the hairstyle. This style is perfect for those who live a very busy lifestyle and are in need of a sassy and eye-catching hairstyle that requires very little up keeping in order to maintain its’ freshness with the flexibility to be styled differently from one day to another.

#30 Short Faux Locs

This hairstyle is perfect for the enlightened college girl, as it speaks to her creative and bold nature. This style is also for the career woman who wants a modest best uncontemporary look that will help distinguish her from her colleagues. The awesome thing about this style is that the hair used can be bought in various lengths and colors, so new styles can be created easily just by changing the hair and not the style.

#31 Messy Box Braids

This hairstyle just goes to show you that braids do not have to be perfect or neat in order to be cute. The great thing about this style is that it is simple and classic, but unique and elegant at the same time. The best thing about this hairstyle is that even when there is rain, sleet or snow, this hairstyle will remain intact-and it will not take a hour in the mirror to get the style back if it gets messed up.

#32 Long Platted Box Braids

This hairstyle is perfect for any girl or woman, young or old, who wants to protect her hair with a style that mimics long hair. The best thing about this style is that it offers a lot of flexibility in styling. Long, beautiful braids are sassy yet innocent looking. This style will have any women prepared for a day out with the girls or a last minute party invitation in no time flat.

#33 Long Senegalese Twists

This hairstyle is a great alternative for box braids because the style is achieved in a fraction of the time but they last just as long. This style is perfect for the everyday woman who has a lot of responsibilities but very little time to style her hair. When choosing this hairstyle, it is advisable to put as little stress as possible on the scalp around the hairline to prevent breakage and damage from occurring.

#34 Platted Twist braids

This style mimic the pencil sized braids, but are in-fact 2-strand twists. This hairstyle is perfect for the back to school season when the teenage girls want to look their best and have their hair pulled back in their faces. One warning about these styles: they pull on the edges of the hairline and it the braid are applied to close to them, this hairstyle can cause tension alopecia, or balding around the edges.

#35 Partial-Braid Extensions

This hairstyle allows women to show off the texture of the hair, curly or wavy, while wearing braids that keep the hair from becoming tangled. This hairstyle can be changed by simply using rollers to change the curl pattern. Using higher perm rod can create a tight but full look while big rollers can result in big, bouncy curls that are romantic and have swing. In either case, rinsing the braids with cold water then allowing them to air dry will allow the braids to return to a straightened state.

#36 Spiral Crochet Braids

This elegant hairstyle is the most natural and realistic braided style that allows the maximum amount of versatility and creative expression. The best thing about this hairstyle is that women get to be completely uninhibited when expressing themselves with what appears to be their own natural hair. Having a hairstyle that gives a strong illusion of being your real hair gives us the confidence to walk with a strut and know that we look flawless.

#37 Feeder Braids Mohawk

This contemporary hairstyle is visually appealing yet simple to maintain. This style is perfect for when you want to show off the features of your face but incorporate a moderate sense of creativity and grace to the style. This is also a great hairstyle choice for women who are transitioning from permed hair to natural hair and are in between stylish stages.

#38 Cornrow Feeder Twists

This elegant hairstyle combines braids and twists to create an elegant pin-up that is sure to turn heads. Pin up hairstyles are always considered elegant, as they show off the frame of the face and enhance the beauty of the neckline. This particular pin-up will stay neat much longer than a traditional pin-up since the hair is braided and the braids all feel into one another, making it less likely for the ends of the hair to start frizzing.

#39 Box Braided Side Swoop

This style is creative and playful, yet it has an appropriate sense of sophistication that make the style appropriate for special occasions or casual wear. The best thing about this hairstyle is that the twists can be tightened up at home in order to freshen up the style over and over again. This saves money when compared to the maintenance of traditional braids, as those normally require you to go to the shopping order to be redone.

#40 Bob Styled Pencil Braids

This hairstyle is simple and easy to maintain, and ideal for church or any conservative occasions. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can be worn by little girls without them looking grown or out of place. The short cut of the braids keep the hair from falling around the neck and shoulders, keeping the hair from attracting static and start to frizz. The braids can be pulled up into a short ponytail for more restraint, or to add some flare, one side can be pinned behind the ear.

#41 Pinned-Up Pencil Sized Faux Locs

This hairstyle is Afrocentric but classic at the same time, something hard to accomplish simultaneously. The best thing about this hairstyle is that clips and beads can be attached to the locs in order to add additional flare without overdoing it. Also, different color hairs can be used to add color variety to the locs themselves. In either case, the locs do not have to be boring, they can be likened with a touch of creativity.

#42 Braided Raised Crown

This style is fit for a queen. The braids are perfectly aligned in a way that eludes royalty and elegance in only the way a true black queen can accomplish. The crown may need to be touched up to maintain he neat and perfect appearance, but that can be done at home in a matter of minutes with the use of some moisturizer. Just take down the big braid, moisturize the hair evenly, then rebraid the crown.

#43 Straight Back Feed-In Braids

This hairstyle is for the urban chick who likes to be unique without standing out too much from the crowd. This style is quick and easy to be completed, and stays fresh looking for a couple weeks. When the hair is too short to lay the desired length but too long to lay flat against the head, girls who have made the choice to go natural may find it difficult to find hairstyles that have braids for black women that complement their face and look attractive.

#44 Large Box Braids Tied Down With A Scarf

This style is actually trendy, as it has a comfortable and relaxed look. This hairstyle is perfect for those in-between periods where the new-growth has made the scalp unsightly but the braids for black women are still neat and frizz-free. This hairstyle can be worn regardless of the length of your hair, as the top can take the form of an Afro or become curly with a perm rod set. There are so many ways to re-create this hairstyle- it could be made more sassy, sexy or bold.

#45 Pencil-Braided Wide Mohawk

This hairstyle is for the everyday girl who is looking for a way to protect her hair when she has a Mohawk haircut. The great thing about this style is that is provides some versatility for women who have cut their hair into a Mohawk style. When the sides begin to grow, the style can still be achieved. The hair could be slicked down with gel, flat twisted backwards, or cornrowed back into a feeder braid pattern.

#46 Micro-braided Slim Mohawk

This style is for the ladies with the Mohawk cut who are looking for different ways to style the top of their hair. The awesome thing about this style is that if the braids are small enough, they can be worn down to add coverage over the cut parts of the hair. The best thing about this style is that it does not matter how short or long the on the top is. The faux locs are attached with the same hair used for braids for black women. As long as the woman’s natural hair can be grabbed into a braid, the style can be accomplished. Even better, since the hair is not actually locked in dreads, this style is not permanent.

#47 Multi-Colored Box Braids

This hairstyle has a youthful essence, while remaining sexy and vibrant. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can play with the colors and match your accessories and clothes to the color of the hair and really create your own style. While this style if perfect for school aged girls who want to add creativity and a splash of color to their appearance, this style is also suited for an adult woman who is traveling to party city like Las Vegas and want a playful, intriguing look.

#48 Crochet Two-Strand Twists

This style looks like it took days to braid, but because the twists are crocheted into cornrows, it only takes a few hours to complete. The awesome thing about this style is that it can be styled and worn in the same styles as platted pencil braids and they are very easy to take out. The technique that is used to attach braids for black women, if done curly, can be done so that they appear to be attached to the scalp, giving the illusion of a platted head.

#49 Waterfall Bun Box Braids

This hairstyle has a Poetic Justice feel to it. And even though that was in the previous century, this style will always be contemporary as braids for black women never go out of style. The best thing about this hairstyle is that the same style can take on different personalities depending on your clothes and make up. The style can be played down with some mascara and lip gloss, or an be jazzed up with a big pair of earrings and a pair of oversized glasses.

#50 Waterfall Goddess Braids

This style has an element of simplicity that is intriguing and captivating. The awesome thing about this style is that it can be worn by a young girl for a playful look, but then it can be worn by a grown woman and elude a look of class and elegance. maintaining this hairstyle is as simple as spraying the hair with moisturizer and wrapping the head with a silk scarf. In the morning, the braids just need a shake and they are ready.

Regardless of whether the style uses box braids, Havana twist, Faux Locs or crocheted hair, styles with braids for black women are the most preferred styles. They offer uniqueness that allows each woman to recreate her own image every time she gets a new hairstyle. That versatility allows women to be creative and express that artistically. That is why black women shop for braided hairstyles the same way they shop for shoes. Essentially, the hairstyles chooses are not just for style, they are for the woman’s expression of identity.

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