30 Cornrow Hairstyles for Different Occasions – Get Your Special Look Today

Cornrow hairstyles come from traditional African hairstyles, in which hair is braided very close to the scalp. Cornrows are the cornerstone to beautiful hair. The cornrow hairstyles were popular with kinky hair, but there is no limitation as to who can cornrow their hair in the modern day. Have a look at these incredible cornrow hairstyles and choose the one for any occasion.

# 1 Mohawk Cornrows

1 Mohawk Cornrows

This artistic hairstyle will definitely demand attention for all the right reasons. Part of the head is well shaven while leaving a little bit of hair. Instead of leaving the shaven part plain, fancy patterns are cut out creating a unique print. The middle part of the head is neatly cornrowed both at the top and the bottom with both segments meeting at the middle.

# 2 The Cornrow Ponytail

2 The Cornrow Ponytail

Sometimes, simplicity goes a long way. For this hairstyle, simply braid some cornrows all around your head with all rows meeting at the middle. Tie the rows with a hairband and leave the tail hanging freely over one shoulder.

# 3 The Simplified Cornrows

3 The Simplified Cornrows

In a hurry? You can still achieve a cornrow hairstyle. In this case, simple large sized cornrows will still give you an elegant appeal. Bring the rows to the back and leave the tails hanging freely on your back.

# 4 Perfect Baby Cornrows

4 Perfect Baby Cornrows

Kids can make anything look cute and in this case, cornrows. For this hairstyle, the hair is divided into two sections with a straight line cutting down the middle of the head. Each section is braided with the rows meeting at the center. Each bunch of cornrow tails is tied up with a hair band, and the edges tied up using a string then dipped into hot water. The result is cute curly tails.

# 5 Half Braided Updo

5 Half Braided Updo

Want to stand out from the crowd? Give the half braided updo a shot. For the top section, the cornrows are braided in a slanted manner slightly towards one direction. These are made interesting by the use of different sized rows, which only go as far as a few inches away from the front part of the head and then are tied in a bun. The bottom section is braided with the rows running straight down and left to hang freely on your back.

# 6 Cute Looking Cornrows

6 Cute Looking Cornrows

A fun day out with the girls? Pull a cute look with these adorable rows. This is a perfect choice for relaxed hair as the perfect hair strands rest easy with the eyes. If you want to make this look even cuter, highlight the baby hair by the use of a soft brush and hair gel.

# 7 The Braided Bun

7 The Braided Bun

The best things in life come in twos. For this look, two short cornrows are braided in the middle front part of the head. The half done tails are crisscrossed dancing freely on your back. You can bring them to the front for a playful look. and then tied up into a bun. Leave the rest of the hair to flow freely to each side of the head to keep the focus solely on the rows.

# 8 Kinky Centered Mane

8 Kinky Centered Mane

These rows are braided all around the head towards the middle part of the head. The front middle part is twist braided and merged with the rest of the cornrow tails, then threaded into place. It can be an ideal look for the office.

# 9 Rope Cornrows

9 Rope Cornrows

Simple cornrow hairstyles breathe life into an elegant outfit. This quick step look only requires two rope braids that run all the way down with the tails.

# 10 The Complex Braids

10 The Complex Braids

Sometimes, a complicated look effortlessly draws attention your way. Tiny rows are braided, and the edge is finished off with a big braid that’s sewn on. These large braids meet at the middle on a side ponytail.

# 11 Basketball Rows

11 Basketball Rows

This looks works best for almost all the occasions; casual and official. It is simple yet elegant at the same time. The cornrows are braided towards the back of the head in a semicircular style. The rows are a little bit on the side rather than the center, hence creating a unique style.

# 12 Kinky Twist Cornrows

12 Kinky Twist Cornrows

This girly yet elegant look will bring out the girl in you. Neat cornrows are braided at the front part. They dramatically stop a few inches away from the front part of the head. The rest is adorned in twisted braids, which are then dipped in hot water to make them curly.

# 13 The Multi-directional Teen Cornrows

13 The Multi-directional Teen Cornrows

These are ideal for a young lady who’s not a child and not yet a woman. These consist of two sections. The front part bears cornrows that face three different directions. The cornrows at the back section face only two directions. At each point of intersection, there is a large sized braid that’s sewn into place. These braids meet at the top middle part of the head and are wrapped around to form a bun.

# 14 The Complex Cornrows

14 The Complex Cornrows

This is a cornrow hairstyle that will keep people busy trying to demystify it. The front part consists of crisscrossed cornrows that abruptly stop at the middle part of the head. The rest is adorned in small sized twisted braids.

# 15 Pull through Braid

15 Pull through Braid

These are elegantly braided buns. The hair is simply pulled towards the top part of the head. It is then divided into the segments and each part is braided. These are then wrapped up in two buns. Wear this for a sophisticated event. This is also a total party look.

# 16 The White Cornrows

16 The White Cornrows

Did you know that cornrows work perfectly well for white people as well? Although soft and silky, your hair can hold braids if properly done. The secret is in securing the braids using a band after each row.

# 17 The Halfway Braided Look

17 The Halfway Braided Look

Cornrow hairstyles are all a woman needs to take her off the edge. For this look, a small segment of your hair is parted and neatly cornrowed to the tips. The rest of the hair rests away from the braids for them to stand out. Trim the front edge on the cornrowed side for an extraordinary look.

# 18 The Good Old-Fashioned Braids

18 The Good Old-Fashioned Braids

When it’s all said and done, there comes a time when we feel the need to go back to our root. All fancy hairstyles started off with the braids, hence showing the need to revisit one’s roots.

# 19 Ponytail Braids

19 Ponytail Braids

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s suitable for all kinds of occasion, then this is it. The braids can be held up in a bun, hang free or tied up in a single braid. You can never go wrong with braids.

# 20 Straight Back Cornrows

20 Straight Back Cornrows

Straight back cornrows are a classic look. If you want to take yours a step further, consider mixing two different sizes of cornrows. A tiny row in the middle of two large ones makes your rows even more appealing.

# 21 Zigzag Cornrows

21 Zigzag Cornrows

Two cornrows are classic, but incorporating a complicated design in the middle makes yours a piece of art. In this case, two rows of small-sized cornrows that stray away into the large ones are simply unique. You never know when the small cornrows will get absorbed by the large ones. Instead of the ordinary straight lines, try a zigzag style of partition.

# 22 The Cornrow Mohawk

22 The Cornrow Mohawk

Only the most courageous girls dare to stand out from the crowd. If you are one of them, then this style is just for you. White braids are used for the cornrows that are done on each side of the head towards the center. They are then left to hang free. This fancy Mohawk style is ideal for a party and casual events.

# 23 Dolled up Cornrows

23 Dolled up Cornrows

This style incorporates a weave, but if you naturally have long curly hair, then you can leave out the weave. The front part of the head is beautifully adorned with wavy braids that run toward either side of the head, then to the middle where they gently stop. This is where the kinky weave comes in. It is used to bring a dramatic effect to the neat rows at the front.

# 24 The Sweetheart Cornrows

24 The Sweetheart Cornrows

A little creativity goes a long way, and it is evident in these cornrows. The braids in every section are made to face different directions and bear different designs. This artistic style eventually works together to create a cute yet unique design, especially for kids. The heart shaped design is the center of attention.

25 Box Braid Style

The box braid style is an advanced hairstyle that’s more organized and appealing. This style centers all the attention to your face since the braids are cut short to rest at the cheeks of the face.

# 26 Virgo Cornrows

26 Virgo Cornrows

This simplified cornrow hairstyle is simple yet elegant. The cornrows are trendy and elegant at the same time. They simply run to the back of the head and the tails are left to hang freely on your back.

# 27 The Side Split Cornrows

27 The Side Split Cornrows

Torn between letting the hair fall on your face versus hair away from it? This look strikes the perfect balance. One side of the head is neatly braided towards the center of the head. Another segment is weaved on and the hair is left to dangle down on the face.

# 28 Traditional Queen Braids

28 Traditional Queen Braids

Different sized braids effortlessly create a visual appeal. These are ordinary big-sized braids that are mixed in with smaller sized ones in between them. The tails are left to dance freely at the back.

# 29 All Time Fancy Braids

29 All Time Fancy Braids

This fancy hairstyle is an all time favorite for the ladies. The braided updo consists of two different sized braids. Gold-coated adornments are spontaneously incorporated on each cornrow for visual appeal. Add some in the tails for even more glamor.

# 30 Wayward Cornrows

30 Wayward Cornrows

The easiest way to transform simple cornrows to the complex ones is by ruling out straight lines. In this case, the cornrows are wavy and seem to use various roots while on their way to the back. It’s an ideal look for classy as well as casual events.

There’s a cornrow hairstyle for everyone as long as they choose a style that suits the shape of their faces and the occasion. Consult your hairdresser’s opinion if you aren’t sure of which style to go for.


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