40 Striking Golden Blond Hair Ideas – Sexy Ways to Go Blonde

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It is always a fabulous idea to try out new hair color and if you are thinking of getting something unique and stylish you should go for a golden blond hair shade. The most impressive element about this hue is that it seems to work well for most skin tones. It can also accentuate any hair type, and this means that any woman can have it. However, you still need to use an attractive technique and pattern to make sure that it looks best on you. And for this to be so here are 40 hairstyles that showcase some of the best ways to have the golden blond hues on your locks.

# 1 Rich Golden Blond Streaks

1 Rich Golden Blond Streaks

These strands have a medium volume and a shoulder length, but their vibrant golden blond streaks are what make this an interesting hairdo. The beautiful highlights are the product of a skillful freehand painting.

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