45 Insanely Gorgeous Hairstyles for Prom – Get the Best One for You!

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Ah, prom… Glittering lights, loud music, and great memories. But anticipating the party is half the fun; having the right outfit with gorgeous hairstyle is no less important. Let’s be honest, though… getting ready for such an event can be stressful. What style will work? Where can I find an appointment with a salon? Will it keep perfectly pinned all night? Will the amount of hairspray I use choke my date? These questions alone can be a serious headache!

Caught up in that all-too-familiar search for some hairstyles for prom? Look no further- let us show you what it means to have a greatly coiffed ‘do with staying power and style. Finding a good look that goes with your dress can take little effort and money on your part. All it takes is some inspiration! Here is a compilation of some perfect up-dos, flowing locks, and cute bobs that are wearable with any gown for your big night to remember!

# 1 Quirky Curled Bob for Short Hair

1 Quirky Curled Bob for Short Hair

Cute, classy, bouncy, and fun! For any short-haired chicks out there, having a thin-but-effective curling wand can do wonders for a beautiful prom look. Bobs are always in style, and for a good reason!

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