25 Exiting Ways to Wear Cornrows – Extraordinary and Stylish

There is hardly a black girl who has never had cornrows plaited on her head. Cornrows have been around for centuries and they come in various forms, big, small, and facing various directions. They are also adorned in different ways and the end result is that the cornrows can give you a different look every week that you change them. Here are some of the best cornrows you can get for your little girl.

#1 Tan Lines

The good news about this hairstyle is that you won’t have to spend much time at the salon because there are only two lines. If all the time you have been searching on how to do cornrows, you should your hair will be braided into a rope using braids right from the top of your head and the will cascade down the head to look like pig tails. The pig tails are tan in color hence the name tan lines.

#2 French Braids

French braids are also ideal if you like big braids and you can do like five of them. They are big braids and hence you will not spend much time at the salon. These big French braids are ideal for casual affair.

#3 Banana Braids

Some people call these banana braids and this is probably due to their shape. Braided like a rope, the hairstyle might not require much, just a few braids that you will have to feed into cornrow as it gets bigger. It starts small and becomes bigger as you go along.

#4 Big and Small Feed in Cornrows

Much creativity goes into this hairstyle and it entails small and large feed in cornrows that are interchanged at the back of the head. The front part has thick cornrows that meet at the top of the head. The hair style might need some type but is ideal for formal and casual and formal dressing as well.

#5 Braids with Knots in a Pussycat

These are thick but neat long braids with two knots at the top. With the two knots, it looks like a pussycat with some of the braids left hanging down your body. This is a style is ever green and you can have it for casual occasions and formal occasions as well.

#6 Box Braids


If you love long braids, this should be your signature look. It entails thick braids that are held at the top of the head and are allowed to fall down the face and the back. This is another hairstyle that never goes out style as Janet Jackson shows.

#7 Copper Red Thick Braids

Sometimes black braids can become monotonous and you may need change. Copper red braids are ideal in such situations because they can work with any complexion. The thick cornrows will enhance the color and give you an authentic look.

#8 White and Light Brown Cornrows Held in a Bun

If you are wondering how to do cornrows, this hairstyle just speaks of creativity, starting with the colors of the braids. The feed in cornrows are of the right size and are neatly done. The bun is also done creatively with a twist at the top of the head. The hairstyle is ideal for formal occasions.

#9 Small Cornrows to the Side


If you need a sassy look, then small cornrows are the way to go. If you do not like the heavy feeling of thicker braids, you should consider this hairstyle as well.

#10 Crotchet Braids


Crotchet braids are the in-thing at the moment with many people feeling they are faster and more convenient compared to the normal braiding. There is a special crotchet needle that is used to for crocheting the braids. Most stores normally pack them along with the braids.

#21 Simple Medium Cornrows


These simple medium cornrows are ideal for those times when you would rather not have the smaller lines. They are done using rope style and metal pieces included in the braiding. Although it is a simple hairstyle, it is very smart.

#12 Thick Twists


These are not very thick braids, but are quite lock. You can either braid the pieces or crotchet as well. People who do not like very thick braids will find this look quite appealing.

#13 Neat Hair Cornbraids

Corn braids are quite beautiful and neat. Here, the hairdresser interchanged big feed in braid cornrows and smaller ones that had no feed in. The overall look just spells attention to detail and is quite appealing to the eye.

#14 Small Braids in a Bob

Thin braids that are cut at the nape of the neck and would normally look like a bob cut if some of them were not held at the top of the head. You can interchange them by releasing the braids or by maintaining the hairstyle.

#15 Beads on Cornrows

If you want an African look then your should try this style that will make you end up looking and feeling like an African princess It entails small cornrows split at the middle and going down opposite sides of the head. It’s a detailed hairstyle which appeals to most people.

#16 Very Thick Cornbraids

Although you may end up with just a few cornbraids on your head, this hairstyle takes up many braids and needs attention to details. The final look should show the feed in braids getting bigger. You can alternate the big corn braids with smaller versions as well if you want a different and unique look. The hairstyle is both for formal and casual occasions.

#17 Sweep to the Side Cornrows


If you love cornrows and would like to have long, hanging braids as well you should consider this hairstyle. The hairstyle entails having braided lines from the top of the head going down the side (can be left or right side). Then there are other lines coming down from the opposite side going to the bottom of the head. Kids and teenagers pull off this hairstyle the best, but adults can wear it as well. It looks good for casual setting although you cannot rule it out for a formal setting.

#18 Braided Two-colored Ropes

This hairstyle is very ideal for casual wear if you are wondering the best way on how to do cornrows. It entails only two large cornrows braided as ropes. The ends of the cornrows are left hanging and it is here where the additional color blue is introduced. The blue color is great for creating contrast when paired with color black.

#19 Split Feed in Cornrows Adorned with Beads

When you look at this hairstyle you think of an Alicia keys throw back especially with the beads and the front part .The hairstyle entails thin, feed in cornrows that are split and go down opposite sides, where they cascade to the back. The hanging braids are adorned with beads while there is a short one at the center of the head going towards the forehead, also adorned with beads. This is a great hairstyle if you want to. If you want to know how to do cornrows to make a fashion statement, this is the best hairstyle.

#20 Large Simple Cornrows with a Bun at the Back


This is a simple hairstyle for anyone who does not like spending much time at the salon but loves to have a neat finishing. The hairdo consists of four cornrows done in a rope with the ends tied in a bun at the nape of the head. The baby hair at the sides of the head is made to stick to the skin to make for a neat finishing.

#21 Thick Twist Crotchet Braids

These are very thick braids and they are the latest trends. You can use a crotchet to make them as well. You have to prepare yourself with several pieces of braids as they take up many braids. Some people mix up different colors of braids to get their ideal look.

#22 Large Box Braids with Metal Decorations


This hairstyle comprising of large box braids with metal decorations added randomly in them will lend you a complete African look.

#23 Colored Trancas

These are neatly done box braids and their beauty mainly stems from the fact that they are done in blue and not just the traditional and sometimes monotonous color black.

#24 Large and Small Alternating Cornrows


Here, the stylist has cleverly alternated big and small cornrows to make for a neat finishing with the ends coming together in a bun. The overall look is ideal for casual wear during the summer heat.

#25 Large Braided Cornrows


These are only four braided cornrows but the look is very neat with the strands of hair being evenly tucked into a lined rope and the ends going down to the back. It is a very beautiful and detailed hairstyle.

If you are wondering how to do cornrows, you should know that you only need to have an open mind, look at different hairstyles and have some creativity as well. It also helps to have a good stylist because you may have a great idea but if its implementation is poor it can be quite disappointing.

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