60 Amazing Way of Achieving Ombre or Balayage Look – Сolorful Style

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Balayage and Ombre have gained popularity lately with most people trying to add more taste and pop to their hair with more than just one hair color. The difference between balayage and ombre with other hair colors is that the application is by free hand as opposed to the other mahogany hair colors which require foils. Here are the tips on how to ombre hair, ombre dye variations.

#1 Layered Balayaged Waves


Are you a brunette looking to have a different look on the hair? Then this is the hairstyle to look out for. Prepare the hair first by making the hair waves with a medium sized barrel, curling the hair away from the face. Then add the caramel colored balayage from the mid-section of the hair down to the ends.

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