45 Cute Light Brown Hair Colors – Stay in Harmony with Nature

Nowadays fashion trends put emphasis on naturalness. This applies, above all, to hairstyles. Light brown hair color is the most popular today, as it incorporates versatility and ability to transform the woman who has any type of skin and eye color. Plus such dying does not require a fundamental change of the image. It will give you softness and sensuality. This style is perfect for creating an elegant image. At first sight, soft and natural brown hair color might seem not as striking and extravagant as red or bright beautiful brunettes and blondes, but this warm color attracts attention by its naturalness and richness of the shades. The palette of light brown hair color is pretty amazing. It includes such shades as caramel, honey, light chestnut, deep chestnut, light chestnut honey, yellow-green chestnut and many others. Let’s have a look at some vivid examples of this hair color and find the advantages of this trendy hairstyle.

# 1 Sweet Honey Luxury

1 Sweet Honey Luxury

This luxurious shade will suit girls with dark skin and dark eyes. Hair length is important, because the longer the hair is, the more it suits your look. To have a stunning look, you only need to dry the hair and apply a few drops of oil to make it shine. Honey color and long thick strands make the whole thing for you.

# 2 Soft Wavy Caramel Strands

2 Soft Wavy Caramel Strands

Caramel strands – a cozy, beautiful, attractive hairstyle. This is perfect for dark-skinned women with brown, green, walnut and blue eyes. Caramel also looks good on cool skin tones. Waves and curls always look great with this hair color, so feel free to find your own style!

# 3 Golden Bronze End-ups

3 Golden Bronze End-ups

Bronze hair color is the shiniest hue of both light and dark browns. It’s a very hot shade that brings more femininity and attractiveness into your look. There are light and soft bronze shades as well as darker and more mysterious shades. Every woman can choose the shade that goes with her complexion. If you have dark skin tone, you may go for a dark bronze shade, and those who have medium skin tones may choose a light bronze hue.

# 4 Honey Brown with Highlights

4 Honey Brown with Highlights

Let’s go blonde with the balayage highlights. With this hair color, you can go for beach waves. It is the best casual chic look! With the balayage color technique, it has become easier for brunettes to transition into lighter shades without having drastic and damaging procedures into the hair.

# 5 Darker Chestnut

5 Darker Chestnut

Chocolate and red chestnut shades are recommended for blue-eyed girls and girls with green-blue, hazel, green-hazel and amber eyes, and also peach, beige and dark skin. You could also emphasize your image with some long beautiful waves and an evening dress.

# 6 Honey and Caramel Hues

6 Honey and Caramel Hues

This light shade is the closest to the blonde. Sunny honey-caramel tone blends well with light (blue, green, gray) eyes and light skin type. Dark-eyed girls are given a contrast that animates features, but you should follow the color of eyebrows and makeup to fail the grotesque effect. If your natural hair color is light, then your new honey caramel is perfect.

# 7 Warm Mocha

7 Warm Mocha

Look at this fabulous image – it’s so stylish and trendy. You still do not know what the braids boxer are? It is these braids that look like a boxer and give a sporty look. You can wear it with any outfit and look trendy any moment. The warm mocha color looks very sweet on these braids.

# 8 Golden Caramel

8 Golden Caramel

Golden caramel is the most popular shade in the palette of caramel hues. It has rich gold and copper notes. Golden caramel color suits almost all women, but you need to make sure that it is not blended with the skin color. It is easy to avoid because caramel has a wide variety of hues.

# 9 Light Brown to Ombre

9 Light Brown to Blond Ombre

Gorgeous warm brown color melting to fresh, slightly noticeable, blonde tips! It looks very cool and modern-chic with one color shading or graduating over the length. You could also make an updo using just the dark strands and leave the light strands falling onto your shoulders.

# 10 Golden Treasure

10 Golden Treasure

Light brown hair with glossy golden strands most harmoniously looks on those women who can boast of bright eye color (blue, green, golden brown) and pale pink, peach, beige skin or even have freckles. Emphasize your image with different accessories, and you will look fabulous.

# 11 Simple Shiny Casual Braid

11 Simple Shiny Casual Braid

Braid is simple and quick hairstyle. Three locks woven braid, depending on its length, can be organized in a bump or rim. It looks especially interesting when you dye a few locks in a lighter shade.

# 12 Teenager’s Dream

12 Teenager’s Dream

The new coloring techniques allow us to have more choices for our new hair look. They help to form a perfect color pattern around our face. The pretty ombre hairstyles are great to create an edgy and cool look for young teenage girls.

# 13 Sun-kissed Brown

13 Sun-kissed Brown

Those girls who have dark eyes and white, milk-pale or olive skin should use graphite or chocolate color. Make an accent on your eyes by using some bright makeup, and then you will always be fashionable, modern and charming!

# 14 Baby Updos in Darker Caramel

14 Baby Updos in Darker Caramel

Caramel hue is rarely found in its natural form. It is a warm color that contains golden and copper tones – a middle between warm blonde and brown (light chestnut). And darker caramel hair color is suitable for women with expressive facial features. Use your hair as an accessory, do the high beams and small braids, curls and chaotic tails.

# 15 Winter Hair Color

15 Winter Hair Color

The weather is getting colder, and hair is getting slightly darker. This look is not a bold raven color, but rather soft, more natural brown. Add some highlights for expressiveness. This color works well with both warm and cool skin tones.

# 16 California Highlights

16 California Highlights

California caramel highlights, which are suitable for almost everyone, are worth emphasizing. A combination of gold, caramel, and wood tones creates a multi-faceted palette, hair becomes thicker and more luxuriant, and the color transition is smooth and similar to the natural fading in the sun.

# 17 Brown Cinnamon

17 Brown Cinnamon

Having light brown hair that looks healthy and shiny is amazing. Straighten your cinnamon- shaded hair for a sleek but edgy style, or curl it for a more casual look. You could show off your new hairstyle with different accessories like bands or hats.

# 18 Multi-Tonal Wavy Cut

18 Multi-Tonal Wavy Cut

The first thing you notice with this hairstyle is the color. The color makes the haircut stand out. The honey sparkling strands look stunning on the textured layers which add the bounce to the hair and make the hair more lively.

# 19 Braid Phenomenon

19 Braid Phenomenon

Everyone needs a quick, messy braid style in their repertoire, and this textured, voluminous one is super easy to execute. This color combination is mesmerizing, the contrast between golden blonde and light brown strands makes the braid pattern more geometrical.

# 20 Sweet Cappuccino Shades

20 Sweet Cappuccino Shades

Cappuccino tones with honey strands to enlighten things up. This shade of brown is very soft, and it looks completely natural.

# 21 Natural Brown

21 Natural Brown

The natural brown color looks absolutely amazing! It emphasizes the eye color, looks natural and mesmerizing. Add some makeup and accessories to look even more beautiful!

# 22 Refreshing Highlights

22 Refreshing Highlights

Adding some extra light highlights to your rich brown mane is a compromise! This color can be topped up every month or so, but if you were to leave it, it would still look amazing. This combination of the color and the hairstyle looks just stunning.

# 23 Long Hair Luxury

23 Long Hair Luxury

Women who have long hair and have managed to keep it neat, are beautiful and charming. Adding some beautiful waves is something that is classy, amazing and beautiful, a calling for the chosen few.

# 24 Brave Curls

24 Brave Curls

In order to make your image original, pay attention to the slightly darker brown hair. Here you can experiment – you can straighten your hair or make some small curls. The curls look bubbly and playful!

# 25 Brown Sugar

25 Brown Sugar

This textured, long haircut with long side-swept bang will suit any hair type and face shape. Bangs enhance the cheekbones and show off your face. It is a sexy and girly style that you won’t regret having! There’s no harm in trying this style out, and especially if you choose to have a longer fringe, what’s stopping you?

# 26 Sweet Chocolate

26 Sweet Chocolate

This shade is close to the color of the chocolate and fits almost any girl, regardless of age. But it looks especially elegant on the dark bronze skin.

# 27 Golden Blonde Hair

27 Golden Blonde Hair

Golden blonde hair – the best solution for light-eyed girls with blonde hair who want to make a shade more radiant and expressive. Add some layers starting from the chin level to create an effect of sleek but voluminous mane.

# 28 Textured Brown Curls

28 Textured Brown Curls

Maybe you are bored of slick and polished hair, and you feel that you need a change. Opting for a textured long curly bob will give you a messier, voluminous hairstyle and you will look amazing. You can play with your hair and wear it differently every day.

# 29 Nutty Dimensional Brunette

29 Nutty Dimensional Brunette

The darkest and the brightest blondes set off the depth and richness of dark brown and black hair, while pastel blondes can serve as an exquisite accent for cool tones. Blonde strands sprinkled through brown hair are another bright story for daring girls. Check out the following image for inspiration!

# 30 Sparkling Platinum

30 Sparkling Platinum

If your natural color is linen shade of platinum, then all you have to do is to add a few bright sparks in curls. You can use ordinary toner, and your hair will get a shining shade.

# 31 The Doll Effect

31 The Doll Effect

These curls look so natural and pretty. The trick is to curl very small piece, and once you have about a handful of curls, use your hairspray and scrunch your hair. The owners of such curls from nature are the lucky ones!

# 32 Rich Curls

32 Rich Curls

This is coppery brown with warm undertones, which really pops during the winter months! This color looks great particularly against those women with green eyes.

# 33 Soft Amber Look

33 Soft Amber Look

Medium haircuts are low-maintenance. They are flattering and can be styled both for the office and a date! Also, medium hairstyles are very versatile, you can curl it, straighten it or even tie it up or do a messy bun. You only have to choose the right shade.

# 34 Chic Braid with Curls

34 Chic Braid with Curls

This idea will spice up your look. The hair pulled back into intricate braided designs is thrilling to see. From three-strand braids and French braids to Dutch braids and fishtail braids, these quick and easy styles can jazz up even the simplest of the hairstyles.

# 35 Brown Sable Hair

35 Brown Sable Hair

If you don’t like your hair too straight, but not up for curling it too, just make the layers fly away. Look at that beautiful effect!

# 36 Deep Copper

36 Deep Copper

If sophistication is your game, there’s no better look than this sleek and straight deep copper short hairstyle. This hairstyle is based on simple all-length dyeing without any tricks like balayage, highlights or undertones.

# 37 Dark and Milk Chocolate Style

37 Dark and Milk Chocolate Style

Long hair and layers are always a good combination – your hair looks more interesting and it has just enough volume. Dark chocolate hair a little highlighted at the tips creates a very feminine look. Emphasize your style with the braid and a cute updo!

# 38 Irresistible Waves

38 Irresistible Waves

A wavy hairstyle can make any outfit look glamorous. Chocolate brown balayage highlights on intensive waves will create an irresistible look. This hairstyle is so versatile that it can easily become a day to evening look.

# 39 Wavy Hair, Don’t Care

39 Wavy Hair, Don’t Care

The ”I Don’t Care” look is a look for women who like combining messy and polished styles. Because let’s face it, you really do care about your hair. Brown hair with slightly lighter strands all over your mane and textured with messy waves look quite natural and gives an impression of zero styling.

# 40 Cute Light Ash Waves

40 Cute Light Ash Waves

Women who don’t like to chop off too much of their hair can pick this hair inspiration. Starting from the dark roots the hair gets lighter and lighter acquiring light ash blonde color.

# 41 Casual Brown With Updo

41 Casual Brown With Updo

Make your hair look natural and casual! Mess it up with some updo and a braid on the side, – and you will look cute and irresistible!

# 42 Rich Bronze Hair Color

42 Rich Bronze Hair Color

A sexy brown with some deep bronze undertones. A style like this works for those who might be afraid of going auburn, but want to achieve the richness of the color hue.

# 43 Warm Winterized Brunette

43 Warm Winterized Brunette

How many times have you gone to the hair salon and said: “I’d like it simple.” This is a perfect example of a simple image, though it is not very easy in styling. Light brown hair with caramel highlights looks very natural as if your hair shaded a bit in the sun. Spice your hair up with some cute updos!

# 44 Soft Bronze Strands

44 Soft Bronze Strands

If you’re thinking of changing your chocolate rich mane into a sun-kissed bronze, these highlights might be what you’ve been looking for. You can go with thin bronze strands from the very roots or thick underlayers, depending on how much you want to change your image.

# 45 Beautiful Bronde

45 Beautiful Bronde

Tired of being labeled as a blonde or brunette? By blending brown and blonde colors and creating a bronde image you enjoy the best of both worlds. This popular hair color trend is available with a wide range of dimensions and hue combinations. Best of all, it’s low-maintenance, natural-looking, and extremely flattering.

Usually, when women are going to change the color of their hair, they first take into account the colors like blonde, black or red, and light brown shade unfairly passes by their attention, even though this color has almost no restrictions and goes well with any skin tone or eye color. Beauty and charm of light brown color is beyond doubt, but does this color fit anyone – a question that requires an answer. If the tone is not chosen correctly, it can be contrasted with your skin tone, and the result will be a disharmony in the overall look. That is why you should consult a specialist if the dyeing is questionable.

Light brown hair color is one of the most profound, rich and beautiful colors. There are many shades of brown hair color, so with your imagination and help of the experienced colorist, it is possible to ensure that the image acquires a certain charisma. The existing palette that includes different shades of light brown color allows girls to reach unprecedented heights, conquering hearts. Brunette, despite the degree of “naturalness,” creates the impression of outstanding personalities. In addition, cold and warm brown hair color perfectly harmonizes with clothes and accessories of any style and color.


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