45 Lovely Little Black Girls Hairstyles – Ideas for Effortless Hairdo

Little girls have thick, curly hair that can be difficult to manage, making for tear-filled days whenever it is time to go to school for any other occasion. The other options are braiding it or cutting it short. The former option eventually becomes monotonous while the latter option does not look good on every little girl and almost every girl wants to look cute and unique. While choosing at the hairstyles for your little daughter, you should look into issues such as the length of hair, the thickness of hair, whether its nappy or permed, curled or straight and so on. The patience of your child matters as well. Some children can withstand long periods in the salon while others may not have the patience and will keep crying and fidgeting. If you know your daughter you will be more successful at choosing hairstyles for her that will not make both of you hate the salon.

Below are some hairstyles that you can use for your little girl.

#1 Combed Out Natural Hair



This hairstyle is probably the simplest to maintain and you can do it yourself. Just use your preferred hair oil and comb it out. This is among the little black girls hairstyles that is ideal for long hair and short hair as well and can be used on girls of any age.

#2 Lovely Hair with Flower


The small girl in the picture has short natural curly hair. The hairstyle can be used for various accasions like everyday walk or aunty’s birthday party. Since it is natural, you may just have to maintain it with some oil and add big awesome white flower to excite general admiration.

#3 Short Curls for Natural Hair


Short curls for natural hair are another great idea for little girls who may not look forward to a comb passing through their curly hair. You can achieve such curls by using the smallest hair curlers. Another alternative is tying the hair into Bantu knots an undoing them the following day. Use your fingers to undo them and not a comb. The hairstyle looks good on girls with short hair.

#4 Combed out Afro

If your little girl’s hair is long, combing in Afro is the best route to take just let the hair run wild and free after combing it out. The hairstyle also works for girls with soft hair as it will be soft whenever you have to comb it out. Having big hair also frames their faces and the result is a beautiful Afro girl ready to flaunt her beauty.

#5 Twisted Natural Hair

Twisted natural hair with adornments has been the go-to style for many mothers. Just a few twists you are done, a rather short and painless experience that will not leave your daughter kicking and screaming. The little girls also love the adornments placed neatly on the twists as they are usually quite colorful. They can compliment an outfit as well.

#6 Bebé Mambo Twist

If you are looking for a versatile, trendy as well as protective hairstyle for your little girl, you should not look any further than the Bebé Mambo Twist hair style. The girls can choose to have plain black braids or choose any other color.

#7 Straightened out Hair

Another option for a small girl with long hair is to let it fall in straight strands. You can achieve this by blowdrying her hair and straightening it out with chemicals If the hair is naturally long and straight, you can just comb it out using oil.

#8 Flat-twist Set

The flat- twist set is another of the little black girls hairstyles that you can use on your daughter. It is a two styles in one as you can wear it twisted or you can let it hang loose and long. The style is ideal for long hair.

#9 Ropes

Sometimes you may want a simple hairstyle and this is it. You only have to divide the hair into two and plait it the way you would plat cornrows or rope. The pig tails should dangle at the end and you can adorn them with ribbons or hair bands. A great look for going to church or formal occasions. It is also ideal if you want to finish doing her hair quickly.

#10 Mohawk

Mohawks are the in-thing and children are ricking them as well. This Mohawk will last for a long time, meaning that you do not have to keep changing her style daily. The Mohawk, which is among the trendiest little black girls hairstyles, entails tiny cornrows and curly weave at the middle. You can use curly hair at the middle as well.

#11 Braided Cornrows

If your daughters’ hair is not long enough you can opt for using braids to make her cornrows. In the end, you will have dangling ends that you decorate with beads and ribbons of your choice. It is a simple but smart hairstyle.

#12 Soft Natural Curls

Some kids’ hair lends itself to being curly and there you simply comb it and style on the side. Such kids may have the hair naturally or they could be of mixed race. Their curly hair certainly makes things easier for both mother and daughter as they do not have to curl themselves.

# 13 Unusual Way of Braids  Wearing

If you your baby is tired of your kinky hair and decides to try braided hairstyle, this one is probably the most worth of trying. This unusual way of braiding would totally catch an eye of everybody. But you can go further and add some accessories. It would totally stand out your kid in the crowd.

#14 Curls with Adornments

If your baby is blessed with naturally curly hair, you can let it be and just manage it with your favorite oil while adding scarves that compliment her hair or her dress. The scarves can be died in different directions and a knot included at the end.

#15 Top of the Head Cornrows

These are cornrows that meet at the top of the head. The best attribute of this hairstyle is that you make it using braids or her hair if it is long enough. Little beads are ideal for completing the look and it is better if they are of different colors.

#16 Styled Baby Twists

These twists are ideal for thin, straight hair as well. Once you are done and have included the hair decorations such as tiny hair bands, she is good to go until the next time.

#17 Born into Sin

If you like puffballs, then this is definitely your hairstyle. It is easy as long as you have some oil and for the difficult hair you may need a brush. The hairstyle is good for both casual wear and formal occasions for anyone looking for little black girls hairstyles.

#18 Short Natural Curls

These are short natural curls and they are the best for very little girls as they will not take much time or effort. All you have to do is use some oil and softly comb the curls in the direction you want.

#19 Top Knot Hairstyle

The top knot hairstyle is one of the easiest and neatest little black girls hairstyles available today. You can achieve the look by ensuring that the hair is pulled up at the top of the head. The next step is braiding the hair and making it into a knot. Girls with nappy hair can relax their hair to get the look.

#20 Braided Pussy Cat

Pussycat looks good on almost every little girl. It is a favorite to most mothers and their daughters. Using braids might make the girl keep the hairstyle for longer than expected.

#21 Long Natural Curls

When looking for little black girls hairstyles for new girls, you should consider having their long hair in curls. If their curls are natural you will not have much trouble. However, if there is just soft you can use hair curlers to achieve the look. This is a very beautiful and elegant hairstyle that you should consider trying out for your daughter.

#22 Short Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are the best form of keeping natural hair. They are low maintenance and have fewer visits to the salon every month. Some people use natural products to maintain them with treatment made from fruits such as avocado and bananas which are then mixed with eggs. Pussycat never gets old and you can have her natural locks in pussycat as well.

#23 Natural Curls with African Scurf

The African princess look might seem outdated to many moms but it can actually give her a unique look. If her curls are natural, you only have to tie the African piece on her head and it will be complete. The look will be enhanced if you have a matching skirt or pair of pants to match the scarf.

#24 Thick Braided Mohawk

The thick braided Mohawk makes for a very stylish, trendy look that your daughter can wear anywhere. The weave or braids will only be used at the crown of the head where they will be woven into the hair. Both girls with natural hair and those with relaxed hair can use this hairstyle.

#25 High Pony Tail

High pony tail with natural hair is among the cheapest hairstyles. Some people have soft hair and you only need to comb it and tie it with a ribbon or use a hair band. Some children have tough hair and you may have to use a brush to brush it to top of the head.

# 26 Long Ponytailed Curls


It is quite possible for little girls to have long curls and be comfortable with them. You can achieve this look by using curlers or straws. You can gather curly hair in the high ponytail so that your kid can easily play on the sand beach.

#27 Afro for Interracial Kids

Most moms think that combing your hair into an afro is reserved for only black girls. This is not true because interracial kids can use go for the hairstyle as well. You only need to wash the hair and comb it to get the desired effect.

#28 Braided Pussycat with Extensions

Some girls do not have much hair and this can be the ideal hairstyle for them. The hairstyle entails braided corn rows with extensions weaved at the top. The extension gives the look body and the overall look is just beautiful. Children with much hair can use the hairstyle as well.

#29 Cute Hair Held at the Crown with Dropping Curls

This hairstyle is ideal for little girls with soft hair that often frame their faces. However, if your daughter does not have soft hair you can relax it and use curler or tonging iron to get the curls. It is an elegant look for formal occasions.

#30 Straw Curls

Straw curls give spiral look to the hair of the little girl. At the salon, they might use tongs or straws to get the desired look. It’s a beautiful look and the adorning flowers work to compliment the hairstyle.

#31 Simple Cornrows with Beads

If you are looking for a simple style that will not take much time then simple cornrows is the route to take. You can include beads to enhance the overall look.

# 32 Bun and Summer Accessories

If your little daughter has natural curls and pony tails have become monotonous, you can make high bun and add a beautiful head band with big flowers. The style will bring out the attributes of her face which will then compliment whole her look.

#33 Simple Cornrows with Tiny Braids

This hairstyle is among the little black girls hairstyles is very simple and young girls can pull it off best. It entails cornrows at the front using their hair and simple braids at the back. She can wear this hairstyle to school or to church. It can serve as a casual look as well.

# 34 Curly Hair Adornment

You can make very beautiful curls with your daughter’s hair as long as you have curlers or straws to get this style. However, some kids have naturally curly hair and all you need is to use a ribbon and she will get to wear this hairstyle as well.

#35 Natural Curly Hair for Little Ballet Girl

Are you the mother of little dancer? Your baby would be number one from her ballet troop on the stage. Her petty locks hair looks so airy; just imagine how wonderful it would be during your little dancer’s performance. It’s easy to make and a pink bow matches so good for her ballet costume.

#36 Natural Buns for Sisters

It is amazing to have two daughters. You have more love and laugh. You have bigger field for the experiment with their style and hairstyle. But sometimes your daughter would like to look as the other one. So you need to be ready for: “I want the same hairdo” statement. This one ‘do is easy to make two times.  All you need is to part natural hair; make messy bun from the one part and the other one leave as it is. And both your babies are looking classy and happy.

#37 Gorgeous Short Ponytail


When you have a daughter of five, it is not easy to make some complex hairdo. She always wants to run somewhere or play with everybody and you give up. But one day you need to make some go-to-meeting hairstyle for your little girl. Try this one. Short ponytail may look simple, but bright pink bow and a wide smile make your little lady be in the limelight.

# 38 Two Natural Rugged Ponytails

The hair has been divided to the two parts and is secured with a beautiful pink hair binder. It is a simple hairstyle that does not take much time and that the little girl can wear to any occasion. Once the hair is secured the natural hair makes a beautiful rugged ponytails that really appeals to the eye.

#39 Back to School Hairdo


Back to school time is usually very hectic and people want to make it as easy as possible. This is an ideal hairstyle that will not take much time It entails near cornrows at the top of the head but coming from different directions. To execute the hairstyle, you will have to be very creative, and accurate to ensure that the cornrows are all of the same size and that meet at the centre without colliding into each other. Once you have all the cornrows at the centre, you can twist them into a bun at the top of the head.

#40 Natural Hair Braided Pussycat


Another example of the little black girls hairstyles you can successfully use on your daughter is the natural hair pussycat with the ends braided into neat ropes. This style is for thick hair and really looks good in addition to being very simple to make. Undoing the hairstyle is also very easy; you have to look for very beautiful hair bands or ribbons to hold the hair.

#41 Twisted Cornrows for Princess

This hairdo is quite unusual. Beginning with little braids at the top it flows into quite thick twist braids. Pink beads accessories give some glamour to this look. Add the crown to show who is the beauty princess here.

#42 Natural Hair Cornrows with Bun at the Head

This is one of the little black girls’ hairstyles that can appeal to any mother. It does not require any additions, and you can hold it as a bun at the top of the head which makes for a very neat finishing. If you check closely, you will realize that the cornrows are patterned and you need a very creative hairdresser to pull this off for your daughter.

#43 Front Part Cornrows and Twisted Braids at the Back

This style is quite interesting and will grab the attention of anybody you come across. The thick twists at the back form a sharp contrast with the cornrows at the front of the head and make for an ideal look. To make the hairstyle more interesting, you can add adornments at the front where the twisted braids begin to create the contrast and make the hairstyle more beautiful.

#44 Cornrows and Weaved Back

This hairstyle is not as complicated as it sounds. It only entails cornrows made using the hair of the little girl at the front of the head. At the back, it is a weave that is delicately woven at the back of the head to blend with the corn rows. The hairstyle also suits girls of any age and it is very appealing when you are going for one of those grand questions. The weave will be shoulder length and not too long to reach then back.

#45 Asymmetric Cornrows

Cornrows are simple hairstyle that do not take much time and a lot of maintenance efforts. To make this hairdo shows up, remain several braids alongside the one side of face like a long bang and add some beads at the end.

When looking for a hairstyle for your little girl, you should consider factors such as the texture, length, color and appearance of hair (either curly or straight). Considering these factors will help determine the hairstyles that will look good on her and not make both of you dread having a comb out of the drawer. You should, also not be faired to try out new hairstyles to make her look more versatile and unique from the others at school or on the playground.

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