50 Stunning Medium Length Bob Haircuts — Newest Styles

A classic medium length bob is a hairstyle where the hair is generally cut at the same length all around the head at about jaw-level. There are dozens and dozens of variations on this style and today we’re looking at medium length bobs and everything you can do with them. And believe us there is a lot that you can do with them!

We’ve got examples of crazy colored bobs, professional looks, inverted and graduated bobs, angled and asymmetrical styles, fringes, and so much more. You’ll soon realize why everyone wants a look like this right now!

# 1 Bad Girl Blue Bob


There’s plenty to do with medium length hair and it doesn’t have to be boring or plain either! For an edgier look why not try this choppy A-line bob in a bright color like red or pink, perhaps even a melting blue ombre like this model chose. Angular bobs are easy to maintain and suit almost any face shape.

# 2 Awesome A-Line


Girls with long thick hair are often at a loss about how to wear their hair. An A-line bob like this is shorter at the back and angled in the front, without layers or stacking, which can add more volume – not what you need when your hair is already thick. To style just iron straight and part down the center.

# 3 Long Hazelnut Bob


Longer bobs like this one generally curl into the collarbone and neck rather than under the chin. This is a versatile look perfect for busy women. This model is wearing her cut with a little layering in front and a sexy long fringe that just brushes her eyebrows. We love her color too – a rich hazelnut brown.

# 4 Short Choppy Medium Length Bob


Thinking of going short and sweet? Ask your stylist to add choppy edges and a little layering to a regular bob cut for a style that’s easy to manage and looks amazing. Chin length bobs like this one frame the face and look great worn with a deep side parting.

# 5 Modern Razor Bob with Curls


For this look, the stylist combined a long bob cut with modern razor shorn edges and the result is hot! This style could be worn ironed out straight or with curls like this model for special occasions (or anytime really!) The layered cut and curls make this a voluminous hairstyle that you’ll love.

# 6 Funky Blonde Hairstyle


This model is wearing a medium length A-line layered bob that is stacked at the back and reaches to under the chin in front. We love the choppy loose edges and the beautiful blonde balayage coloring as well as the texture of the waves the stylist added. You’ll definitely have more fun with this hairstyle!

# 7 Shoulder Length Stunner


Going from long hair to short hair can be quite daunting and a little scary so why not ease the transition? Instead of going for a pixie cut or other short look why not start off with a shoulder length bob like this? You still retain some of your length, except it will be much easier to manage.

# 8 Winning Asymmetrical Style


Gorgeous hand painted color like this needs a good basis and this cut is right on the money. This model is wearing a texturized asymmetrical bob which is slightly longer on the one side and shorter at the back. The stylist added a deep parting to show off the color and soft curls to bring it all together.

# 9 Classic Bob


This is a gorgeous example of a smooth classic cut bob, a timeless medium length hairstyle. The stylist carefully trimmed all the hair to fall to the same length, ending in a blunt cut that curls in under the chin in front. This style works best for girls with straight hair, thick hair.

# 10 Alternative Style


This alternative model is wearing a long bob that falls onto the collarbones in eye-catching colors. Her locks begin in jet black which quickly gives way to sections of pastel blue and purple. Layers and color are an excellent way to jazz up medium length hairstyles.

# 11 Natural Body Bob


Bobs are a great choice if you are looking for a style that frames your face. In this example the bob is longer in front, stacked towards the back and the stylist softened the look by giving her a romantic long fringe. The wavy texture and body makes this a fun, natural looking style for younger girls.

# 12 Chic Bob


Professional ladies are big fans of the medium length bob, which can be worn slick (for thicker hair) or sleekly layered as it is here. This model looks confident and expert in his handsome, precision cut caramel and dark chocolate A-line bob that falls to just above the collarbone.

# 13 Pixie Style


You’ve heard about the pixie crop style but what do you think about this pixie inspired medium length texturized look? It’s a shoulder length bob with choppy edges, a face-framing fringe, and bangs worn here with the ears exposed – very Middle-earth!

# 14 Vibrant Mid Length


Remember how we said medium length hair never needs to be boring? Well, we don’t think you could ever be bored in this funky hairstyle! If you’ve got mid-length hair and you’re looking for something fun, why not ask your stylist to create a bold curly Afro look like this one? You’re sure to be the life of the party.

# 15 Layers of Ice


For this hairstyle, the model’s hair was cut into a choppy shoulder length bob with plenty of layering and texturization. This is a modern take on the uniform length bob and can be worn in a number of ways and in many different colors. This stylist chose a palette of ash and ice blonde for these tresses and fashioned a deep side parting.

# 16 Inverted Brunette Bob


If you want volume speak to your stylist about an inverted bob. As you see here the inverted bob is shorter at the back and gradually lengthens towards the front. The stylist used layering underneath to help create that volume, along with blow drying. We love these colors as well; a perfect selection of natural woody browns and blondes.

# 17 Messy Blunt Cut Waves


Beach wave looks can also work really well with medium length bobs. This model’s locks just brush against her shoulders and the stylist added layers in front to frame the face. The hair is texturized to have a salt spray look and was gently teased to style. This hairstyle is well suited to fun loving and adventurous girls!

# 18 Pretty Shoulder Length Festival Hair


This model is showing off a trendy hipster haircut and style that would be just right for a festival or outdoor event. Her hair was cut into a long bob with plenty of layering and choppy edges. To style the locks were given a beach wave and texturised for a natural and interesting look.

# 19 Elegant A-Line with Curls


A-line haircuts are easy to transform into an evening do or style for a special occasion. Here, the stylist trimmed the back hair into stacks to give it body and cut a defined fringe in front. The hair was blow-dried, curls were added to the edges , and a braid was added around the back.

# 20 Silky Inverted Bob


For when you can’t decide how you want to cut your hair there is the inverted bob; a blend of longer hair in front and shorter, more manageable, length at the back. For this hairstyle, the stylist gave the bob a smooth, clean line on the edges and coated the hair in gorgeous hand-painted color.

# 21 Wavy Long Bob


Long loose hairstyles are pretty and feminine, but you can achieve the same effect with medium length hair, like this long bob. The stylist added layers and texturized edges before styling the hair to have smooth waves that hug the model’s cheeks. She finished off the natural looking style with a simple center parting.

# 22 Classy Mid Length Look

Classy Mid Length Look

Glamorous looks are even easier with chic mid-length bobs like the one this model is sporting. Her subtle natural blonde color is effortlessly classy and the texturized cut gives the look a modern edge. Styling is easy with a center parting and for extra allure, you could even add pretty hair pins or a hair clip.

# 23 Shoulder Length Texturised Bob


If you’ve got thin hair you’ll know that long hair is not always the best choice. Shorter cuts like this shoulder length bob are perfect for thinner hair as the stylist is able to add hidden layering underneath to give the hair extra body. The hair was finished with a fun medium wave and styled with a deep side parting.

# 24 Textures and Tones


In this example, the hair brushes against the shoulders at the back and sides, with layers in front. The style incorporates choppy edges which are accentuated by the use of well placed golden brown and hazelnut highlights. To style the hair was given a few soft S-wave curls which show off the trendy cut and color.

# 25 Brunette Beauty


A medium length bob can also be used to show off your darker, more mysterious side. It’s easy; start with an on trend choppy layered bob that curls in under your chin, add a sexy fringe, and finally gorgeous all over brunette color, like the stunning rosewood shade this model chose.

# 26 Purple Pop


With a classic cut like this the hair underneath will be undercut; that means it will be slightly shorter than the layer on top, which makes your hair naturally curl in. This model has gone with grape purple as all over color and opted for a straight center parting to style. The hair was also flat ironed to give it that smooth, shiny finish.

# 27 Makeover Magic


Here we see a mid-length bob hairstyle with texturized edges, a gentle wave, and an off center parting. To color this masterful haircut the stylist used a warm palette of golden brown and blonde shades. This would make a fantastic look for a makeover –just add your favorite shirt and sunnies and you’ll feel like a million dollars!

# 28 Easy and Uncomplicated


For this look the stylist trimmed the model’s hair expertly around the perimeter so it perfectly curves in, hugging the neckline. It’s cut in the A-line style so that the back is shorter and slowly graduates longer in the front. There’s typically very little layering in a cut like this so it’s an easy and uncomplicated look.

# 29 Sweet Mid Length Look


If you want a hairstyle that opens up your face why not try this sweet look? The stylist trimmed the model’s hair off her face, adding volume with choppy layers at the back. In front, we have sculpted fringe that just brushes the eyebrows. Her hair is full of volume; accentuated by a few gentle S-wave curls.

# 30 Art Hair


It’s a little bit hard to admire the cut in this shot, but the point is that you can make arty hairstyles like this with medium length hair, especially bob cuts. This model has a sleek black to brunette ombre and her hair has been parted down the middle, blow dried, teased and texturised into this handsome updo.

# 31 Perfect Length


This model is wearing a neat shoulder length hairstyle that is long and layered at the back with texturization and shorter in front; framing her face perfectly with the help of a soft long fringe. This length can still be worn up; making it well suited for girls who are just trying out mid-length locks for the first time.

# 32 Carefree Waves


This style is carefree and we love the slightly messy feeling from the teased and layered edges. Her hair just passes the neck at the back and is slightly shorter in front. The stylist also added a curvy fringe and some subtle golden highlights into the model’s brunette mane. You’ll be ready to go in no time at all with this hairstyle.

# 33 Soft Layers


While classic bobs don’t usually include layers they are a staple for looks like this long bob. This model’s locks are softly layered in front and have blunt cut edges. It’s been styled simply with a messy parting and a wavy texture. For busy ladies this is definitely a winner, you’ll love its simple upkeep.

# 34 Perfect Lob


The lob, or long bob, is a flattering style that combines long and short hair perfectly. You can choose to wear it loose and wavy like this model, or if you’re in a rush and don’t have time for styling you can whip it into a ponytail or bun. It looks awesome wavy as you can see, but the blunt cut also allows you to iron it out for a chic style.

# 35 Romantic Mid Length


You really can shine on special occasions with mid length hair! This model’s hair is cut in a medium bob with the tips just brushing on her shoulders. The hair is styled with defined curls in front and a neat parting with the hair smoothed down on either side.

# 36 Angled Bob


This cute textured bob is angled so that it is uniform at the back and dips forward in front. Some stacking at the back helps provide extra volume and the stylist has given the model some silky curls as well. This medium length bob would be easy to accessorize for a formal look.

# 37 Fabulous Feathering


Think feathering went out in the 90’s? No way – it just got an update! This modern lob is slightly angled and features feathered edges in front that gently fold inward. The back is a little shorter and to style the hairdresser straightened and blow dried the model’s hair, adding a messy parting down the center.

# 38 Mermaid Lob


All girls love playing mermaid and with medium length hair it’s easy to create a fantasy look. In this example, the model’s tresses were trimmed into a choppy long angled bob and curled along the edges to mix up the sweet teal, sea blue, and candy purple color. This color was applied using balayage that allows it to have this stunning saturation. What a beauty!

# 39 Layers of Gold


Mid-length bobs are flattering to women of all ages as they flatter the face and the neckline. This model is wearing a medium length style that is layered to allow it to fall gently onto her shoulders. Add some melted caramel blondes and nut browns and you’ll feel ten years younger. Isn’t that how a good hairstyle should make you feel?

# 40 Shapely Bob


We love the expert lines of this silky, shapely blonde bob; so smooth. The cut is shorter at the back, gradually falling to the collarbone in the front. The tips have been gently texturized and the locks drenched in a melting ombre of honey and ice blonde shades. This would suit professional women or even a student.

# 41 Razor Cut and Angled


If you want a bob but you’re not keen on the classic style why not go edgy and try a graduated bob like this one, with razor shorn edges. The texture and cut are very flattering as are the bright gold blonde highlights. To style the hair was given a center part and a few flat iron curls.

# 42 Shiny Shoulder Length Style


If you are thinking of trying the hottest hair color, which is a delicious caramel brown, why not pair it with an equally handsome long bob. You’ll get the best of both worlds, a light, easy to style look with enough length to still play with if you want. Ask your stylist for layers in front to soften the face and add a few curls.

# 43 Easy Wearing Long Bob


City slickers love the new long bob, a hard wearing style for when you’re running around. This model’s hair falls onto the collarbone in front and we can see the hidden layering underneath that helps this look keep its shape. Of course, this style looks best when flat ironed as it is here.

# 44 Candy Apple Red Inverted Bob


If you’ve been dying to experiment we have just the look you need to try. This model is wearing a slick razor cut inverted bob with a neat, rounded fringe. She’s chosen a crazy candy apple red as all over color. Bright colors combined with hip bob cuts are always a winner.

# 45 Off The Shoulder Blonde Curls


This shapely cut is longer at the back with layers of shorter hair toward the front. The ends are cut slightly choppy and flat iron curled. She’s chosen shadow roots with gorgeous honey blonde color with natural looking highlights. This is a fine look for ladies wanting a romantic style.

# 46 Metallic Melt


Stunning color and an amazing cut – this model is one lucky girl! Her locks were shaped into a sexy shoulder length bob with soft feathered edges. The color starts in light metallic mauve and melts into rosy pink coral on the ends. Ombres always go well with bobs, especially fashionable metallic shades. This model’s hair is ironed straight, but imagine it with some curls – stunning!

# 47 Mid Length Sombre


Sometimes long thick hair can actually become uncomfortable and heavy. A long bob like this is perfect for girls with dense hair who still want to be able to tie their hair back. The stylist gave her loose, choppy edges together with gorgeous melted blonde color; just right with her brunette base color.

# 48 Mixed Bob


This artistic bob is unique and combines different bob elements. There’s stacking at the back and longer feather cut locks in front, but the line is not symmetrical and there are a few longer strands for effect. We like the weighted effect in front and the yummy dark chocolate color palette.

# 49 Choppy Red and Black Look


This model is wearing a mid length inverted bob with chunky texturised edges and stacking at the back. The stylist used jet black, deep maroon, and blood red to create an enviable chic ombre and added beach waves to style.

# 50 Simple Lob


Simple haircuts don’t come much more beautiful than this season’s long bob. We love the soft shaping of this model’s tresses as well as the lovely honey blonde color. A simple parting is all you need and you’ll be turning heads!

So what do you think? Loving mid-length bobs yet? We thought so! The next step is deciding what kind of bob you want and what kind of finish you want. Would you feel more comfortable with a classic curl-in bob or are you an artistic soul who would feel great in a brightly colored asymmetrical look? Do you still want to tie up your hair? Then let your stylist give you a hot lob – don’t worry, you’ll love it!

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