30 Intriguing Plum Hair Color Ideas- It Is All About Looking Trendy and Flashy

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Plum hair color is a cool hair choice for women who want to look trendy and flashy at the same time. If you want to get some color inspiration by wearing something that will get you some attention, plum hair color can never fail you. The good thing with plum hair is that it is available in different shades and look superb in both short and long hairstyles. This article presents some of the coolest and trendiest plum hair color style ideas that modern women can choose from and look modish and inspired.

#1 Back Thick and Smooth Waves

1 Back Thick and Smooth Waves

In this style, the hair is trimmed to equal length with uniform plum shades before it is slicked backward and made to lie on the shoulders. The waves should be thick and smooth covering all the temples and the ears but not the face.

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