Top 33 Trending Ideas about Shag Haircuts – Easily and Uniquely

It’s very astonishing seeing shag haircuts trend working so well without considering the hair texture or length. Undoubtedly, shaggy hair techniques need you to go messy but still achieve a unique, gorgeous look. That explains why more and more celebrities are following this line. Do you want a glamorous appearance? If you do, why don’t you go through these different styles and find the one that can magnify your facial attributes?

#1 Awesome Messy Shag

Shags have been popular for decades. This one is a modern version of them that incorporates a bob with messy layers, and an enhancement of a messy bang. The cut is effortless and a cool hairdo that you can use for a start. You can make it by pulling off some strands of your bob or by brushing your locks with your fingers. You’ll be surprised by the unique look that you are going to create.

#2 Straight Shag Cut

Keeping your locks straight doesn’t call for a conclusion that you have given up all your voluminous style. Show them a different style by striking them with blonde highlight. You can keep you face down if you want. But if you want to show off with your new style altogether, bring some strands forward to cover half of your face. Remember, you are just concealing your beauty ideas to keep them unique.

#3 Dark Shag

Short shag haircuts are just about balancing the bangs. A style like this one with heavy bangs to the sides, and highly tampered with, will keep your hairdo overwhelming throughout the day. Wear this style to make the same style that has led many women crazy including the famous celebrities. You never know a star in you unless you bring her out with this dark shag.

#4 Blonde Platinum Shag

When you get addicted to the coloring of your hair, you can try to break the addiction by boosting your color with an ombre that falls within your blonde family. That’s why this style presents two perfect parted layers of the locks. More meaningful, the style shows an above the shoulder feature with platinum finishing. That’s what you would be looking for before your party kicks off.

#5 Bouncy Black Curls

Unless you make these bouncy curls, you won’t get the effects they bring. A shag bob with bouncy curls can make you look gorgeous in any occasion. You know that means getting attentions from everyone hence bringing all of them to your table. If you go an extra mile with a black dye, that will blow off everyone’s expectations. Having natural black hair will enhance the whole effects.

#6 Curls of the Day

Curly Shag is the style here. The combination of a long bob, curls, and the shag cut will make a perfect blend for any casual occasion. This haircut can be a great trick to keep your friends up for a party because they would want to get more time with your locks. You can personalize this hairdo as your easiest deal to achieve a brighter appearance.

#7 Helmet Shag Cut

It’s amazing how women are gravitating towards this shag haircut making it famous among them. Look at how the layers are crucial in locking the waves to make a helmet look. They are also providing a perfect volume that is making the whole thing gorgeous. One more thing, this style is adored for its simplicity. Denying it some care can bring a positive effect if you want to go messy.

#8 Another Shag Blend

That same rule that governs natural curls will apply to this shag haircut. That tells you that curly hair can be fine with thin strands. One rule to keep in mind, you better not put too much weight on your natural curls with those strong products. The key here is to keep it more classic. You just learned the secrets of achieving a youthful face and keeping it.

#9 Winter Shag

One primary purpose of layers is to create fullness as in this haircut. However, there is a need to be careful with them as they can reverse the entire effect. Instead of making too many, create depths and dimensions by using your pink highlights. In that way, you won’t be overloading your haircut. Avoid flat styles by following that. Thanks to this style’s illustrations.

#10 Amazing Shaggy Cut

If you are after showing off your locks, you better take this haircut to your stylist. The style illustrates full bangs. One thing you might want to know about them, they add vibrancy to your whole feature, especially to the parted layers. Another key point, parted layers bring about a perfect shoulder-length hairstyle structure with plus dimension.

#11 Shaggy Layers

This hairstyle will be your best option if you want to look stylish in your long shags. It’s a great flattering style that works quite well with very thick hair. You can see how the layers are stretching out well. Doing the same by putting multiple tiers will help you show off your brighter highlights. Surprisingly, this style is enough to accomplish a sexy look.

#12 Cute Shaggy Bob

Are you looking for a professional style among the shaggy haircuts? This one can give you a great deal in getting you a cute shaggy bob. For this reason, all you need is to arm yourself with thickening hairspray, and a touch of dry spun to take it up to the top notch. Add slight side part above your eyebrows to prevent the hair from being dense on the face.

#13 Rock and Roll Helmet Cut

Wondering why shag hairstyles work for all fine and long hair. This style will explain the whole secret. The hairstyle illustrates shorter hair all through the crown and the bangs. What does that tell you? It says that you have to keep the strands straight downwards to avoid the limp. Significantly, long haircuts like this always look adorable when some strands are pulled off.

#14 Hot Little Morning Shag

Sometimes to achieve an elegant long or medium shag, you must involve some waves or curls. Conversely, they don’t have to be pronounced. So stop working it out to bring out the most arresting waves. Just keep it polished and lovely as in this style. Whether you have natural or fixed waves, get the style to frame your face for a brighter and a youthful appearance.

#15 Classy Shag Hairdo

Pick this shaggy hairstyle for your cocktail party or your first day and then wait for the compliments. That’s a trick for modern women. The style is enabling you to achieve a glowing and more updated appearance by bringing the blonde flare to your face-framing part. What else do you need? In fact, get this blonde because it’s the best fit to balance any with any funky occasion.

#16 Modern Bob with Bangs

Use your scissors for the cut, then use your fingers to comb for the style. That is to say, shag haircuts are easier to make, and have an exceptional low maintenance cost. This one is an example of a free and messy look that you can create. You’ve just learned one principle of shag hairstyles. Besides, this hairstyle is a free trick to sway total attention from anyone.

#17 Medium Hair Shag

This hairstyle needs you to make the top layer short. Then you should make sure that the bangs are shaggy. You will also have to shag the bottom to make it more perfect. After you are sure that you have completed these steps, be sure that you have the style that you can wear to wherever you want to go. Either you want to go for a party, a show or you just want to relax in your home, it will fit all your choices.

#18 Morning Shag

We better agree that shaggy hair is on-trend and will always look good if you wear it the right way. Create cool subtle waves by giving your short or medium layered hair a quick-twist. Then comb your locks gently with your fingers to make them free. If you take these steps, you are going to look like you just woke up.

#19 Provocative Shag Style

Do you know how gorgeous you can look if you take this shaggy bob style? The haircut can be splendid for you if you want to create a dramatic look. You only need to make some finely chopped ends. These ends play a vital part in creating a fading away look from the full crown. If you like it, let your stylist begin with adding plenty volume at the top.

#20 Short Hair Blonde

If your long blonde is now looking dull, don’t let this cute short hairstyle go. This one is a cheeky shag haircut that can complement your thin hair well. The wispy layers will build the edginess with a relaxed feel that most of us are looking to achieve. Meanwhile, the bangs will boost the volume around your face. Not to mention that the fun blowout will accomplish the trick for a low-maintenance haircut.

#21 Beachy Waves Shag

What if you let some negligence make your style? You will get a stunning look like this one that would communicate one thing. Assuming that some people steal a flash of your locks at your workplace or your parties, it tells them that your hair helps you in managing your time. Why? Because your style does not demand part of your time and if any, just to ‘comb’ it with your finger. That’s something you can do on the road.

#22 Textured Splendid Shag

If you wear this style and find everyone looking to your side, don’t be surprised. That’s what this style does. It captures tons of attention. This cut illustrates a style of long choppy layers cut perfectly at the collar bone. As can you can notice, this haircut is fabulous for straight, thick hair. They create a very flattering shape making someone look super gorgeous.

#23 Medium Length Colored Shag

This style can be a good move to create an alluring medium length style. For this reason, you can use it to show your creative side as far as going gorgeous is concerned. Go and get some rough, shaggy layers. After that, instruct your stylist to add the color, and disperse it evenly throughout your locks. Finally, allow your cute natural waves to help you accomplish the exact look.

#24 Super Dry Cut

Armed with superfine hair spray on your right hand, then holding the dry texturizing spray and scissors in your left hand, tell your stylist to start working on your long hair until you achieve this style. Tell her that you’ve been dreaming of a style that you can easily make in the mornings. More than that, tell her that this is the only style that is fun, and wearing it will leave everyone talking.

#25 Pixie with a Shag

There is also another way whereby you can boost your shag by combining it with a pixie cut. This solution will bring about a beautiful look, yet eliminate your morning commitment to your hair. Take this style as your inspiration and forget about maintenance schedules. Don’t wait until you see someone in it, make the style and you’ll realize that it was worth trying.

#26 New Shag

Aren’t you bored by your blow dryer? When blow dryer annoys you, the curling iron hates you and flat iron just messed up with you style last week, then let your stylist give you this modern shag. Surprisingly, she just needs to lift your hair up and then take a deep point cut. The styling product like a dab of mousse tousled will provide a finishing touch.

#27 Blonde Inspiration

Considering the today’s demands, creating textured layers is one thing necessary for carefree elegance. In addition to layers, tell your colorist to add a few surface strands to provide more excitement as well as individuality. Suppose you had natural or fixed waves, what do you think would be your final product? It’s simply this edgy hairstyle with waves. That’s what you specifically need to feel different.

#28 Pure Shag Curls

The next time you’ll be using your curling iron, curl your curls inward as opposed to outward. Not that it makes much of a difference, but it’s another idea of creating more fullness. Coupled with that, it makes you feel as if your hair just got a little buoyancy. That’s an incredible feeling, isn’t it? Then that’s what this style is all about.

#29 Pretty Shag with Defined Waves

This hairstyle is very easy to deal with on a daily basis. Look at how this style is balancing around the head. This is one of the perfect hairdos that work from all angles. Create a real friendship with a curling iron. It can be your best tool when you want to create such a flowing style. Remember, if you are tired of smaller waves, you can make the bigger ones.

#30 Silver Hair

If you can just make this style for once, you are going to get addicted to it. Some styles are just there meant to make you look like an angel! Shag styles have different shapes, incredible lengths, and unique finishing. This style can perfectly fit your choice haircut if you customize it. The swooping bangs and the silver coloring establish a stylish hairdo that you’ll relish to wear every day.

#31 Advanced Textured Shag

If you can’t beat the fashionable ladies with wearing shag hairstyles, you clearly have to join them. Don’t waste time, take your curling tool now and start making the style. As you finish, you will realize that the cut gives your locks an excellent freedom of movement. How about adding a good sweeping to the sides? That will add more fun to your upcoming events.

#32 Back to Natural

Shags hairstyles don’t demand that much neatness or tidiness. Think about messy and effortless or tousled look. If you are coming to this curly route, why don’t you take the beach waves path? It’s not something complicated. Just utilize your flat iron but remember to leave the ends as you found them. That’s to say, leave them untouched. Next, you are going to make the waves natural by letting the wind blow them.

#33 Gorgeous Long Bangs

How about letting your locks fall naturally past your shoulders? You need to know that this style is another fabulous version of the shag hairstyles. The side parts you are seeing are just the standard sectioning highlighted with complimentary highlights to make a gorgeous look. This stunning style comes with you when you are with your friends traveling, shopping or when you just want to look attractive without any complicated styling.

As you can see, there are varieties of shag haircuts that you can use to keep up with the trend. So far you’ve realized that these styles are easy to make, and they should no longer be a mystery to you as far as you need them. Now, you can say goodbye to the times that you’ve been looking at the celebrities as if they were miracle workers. They just went through these styles and customized them. Same to you, you can rest on one of them and start becoming a celebrity of the most sophisticated shag haircuts. Hopefully, you future hairstyles will be taking away other people’s breaths with your sumptuous shag.

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