45 Great Short Haircuts Ideas for Curly Hair

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Wavy hair is a blessing that requires a high level of maintenance. Curly hair is fun and attractive, especially while combined with different hair colors. Most curly beauties have a problem deciding between maintaining their long hair and chopping it off for a better look. However, curls on long hair are highly pronounced and trendy though they require extra care to maintain their shape. Most people looking to achieve a wavy look on their hair fear the big chop due to the uncertainties that come with styling short hair. There is a guideline of different hairstyles for curly hair below.

#1 Statement-Making Layered Spirals


This spiraled look is ideal for women looking to have a voluminous look on their hair. Layering the curls on the hair is essential to avoid hiding the beautiful facial features. The hairstyles only require a holding spray to maintain the hair in place. Avoid combing these types of curls. Moisturizing the curls prevents the hair from frizzing on the ends.

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