55 Bold Asian Hairstyles – Stay Fashionable All the Time

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Women come in many shapes and sizes, but what make them stand out are their bold hair choices. From faux hawks to soft sensual hair, there is a style for everyone. Pulling inspiration from centuries of new looks and creating a few of their own, – you can find inspiration by looking at these bold Asian hairstyles. Every woman loves a moment to shine when it comes to her hair.

# 1 Relaxed Shimada Mage

1 Relaxed Shimada Mage

Relaxed updos are all the rage in 2016, but they started in the 1600s. Asian women today are taking part in re-defining their heritage through unique and classic hairstyles that will continue to be timeless. Easy curls embrace the face with a dropped bun to make this look perfect transformation from pajamas to a nice night out.

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