95 Pleasing Balayage Hair Color Designs – Delightful Natural-Looking Tones

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Modern ladies that want to give their strands a distinct tone will always go for the balayage hair color technique. Balayage or freehand painting is a modern method that entails painting the hair without using the traditional foils. It is an easy way to achieve some impressive color combinations and some very attractive patterns. Also, it is fast, and you can always be confident of getting a custom look. However, it is still vital to know how to do it well and to have some ideas on the different looks you can create depending on your hair type and length. This gallery demonstrates 95 different ways of giving your locks this beautiful color design.

# 1 Light Blonde Ombre Streaks

1 Light Blonde Ombre Streaks

This look starts by giving the strands a textured haircut that also forms some subtle waves. The color design is then about introducing some light blonde highlights on the natural brunette hair and having them in an ombre pattern.

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