25 Stunning Blonde and Red Hair Ideas – For the Redheads and the Blondes

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Isn’t it eerie how blonde and red hair color go so well together? This hair color idea might have been a bit late to the party but we are glad that it is here now. From earthy blonde tones with mild touches of scarlet to pale platinum locks with touches of a vividly bright red, the color combinations you can come up with are endless. And in case you feel like all the reds and blondes you’re pairing just don’t have that kick you’re looking for, feast your eyes on these 25 stunning red and blonde hair combinations to get inspired.

# 1 Long Gradient Hair

10 Long Gradient Hair

Longer hair allows you to apply a more gradual color transition, which is a lot more interesting to look at. You can start off with some really dark, off-brown shade of auburn at the top and let it fade to a dark chestnut before brightening into a pale shade of blonde at the tips.

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