45 Stunning Looks With Blue Ombre Hair – Wearing Oceanic Hues on Your Tresses

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Ombre hair is a trend that is here to stay. From the runways to the malls, you can spot ombre hairstyles everywhere you go! When embracing the ombre hair look, blue is a great color option to go for. You would definetely fall in love with gorgeous shades ranging from the brightest neons to the mysterious midnight blues. This article provides some great ideas and styles. They are perfect for rocking blue ombre hair and will give you a kick start in achieving the blue hair of your dreams.

#1 Ice Princess


This “Frozen” inspired color scheme is a no-fail look for all lengths of hair. To achieve this amazing cool toned ombre style, go for a snowy white shade at the roots that gradually merges into a dark blue at the ends. This hairstyle looks great when paired with blue jeans and a white tee. Hairstyle adds a smidgen of magic to this classic outfit.

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