Top 40 Most Fun and Feminine Boho Hairstyles — Choose What You Like

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Originally based on some traditional styles of local Bohemian village women, Boho hairstyles and clothing have recently gained traction with today’s youth. As it was initially called, the Bohemian style has always been linked with original and relaxed dos that give off a free-spirit kind of vibe. You could choose to go with a braided Boho or classy windswept waves that continue to dominate long haired fashions. So, if you go barefoot whenever you can, live for those awesome music festivals and top off your spring with breezy, flowing skirts and loose peasant blouses, you will definitely love the following Boho hairstyles. Here are the top 40 most popular Boho hairstyles that are as fun as they are feminine.

# 1 Beautiful Centered Bohemian Braid


Whether you are a blonde or a brunette, have thick locks of hair or super fine strands, nothing evens things out like a good Boho hairstyle. Just like the women of Bohemia used to do it, out girl here uses a full braid to create a stylish look. Remember to leave a few flowing strands at the neck to create an even fuller look.

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