50 Astonishing Braided Hairstyles For Black Women

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Wearing braids is an easy way to protect your course hair from the everyday stress of coming in styling while protecting it from the harsh conditions of the weather. They are styles that can be accomplished with braiding and can be as unique and creative as the hairstylists is capable of. Braids for black women offer the variety and versatility that allows them to wear any chosen hairstyle, regardless of the texture or length of her natural hair.

#1 Multi-Sized Braided Bun


Placing small braids in between chunkier braids is a good way to add a touch of uniqueness to one of the oldest, most original styles worn today. The alternation between big braids and small braids adds a sense of sophistication to an already elegant hairstyle. These braids for black women are great for occasions when they want to keep their hair off their face and neck with a simple hairstyle that is easy to maintain.

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