45 Cute Ideas on Braids For Girls – Sweet and Stylish

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Your little girl loves the time you two spend together and braiding her her is a wonderful, functional thing that you can do for her. Even is she complains a little when you are brushing the tangles out, she will always adore the design that you braid into the hair that you both care for. There are so many ways to braid long hair, and we can always use a little bit of inspiration. This is a collection of 45 incredible braid ideas that you are going to jump for. Have a look through, and find some great ideas for the next time you sit down with your daughter for some quality braiding time.

#1 Simple Dutch With A Twist Braid

1 Simple Dutch With A Twist Braid

This is a simple braid that you can put in quickly, and it looks great too. The core of this design is a simple pair of dutch braids that end in pigtails. Note the bangs pulled back into the braid, how functional!

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