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Do you have long mermaid hair but tired of styling it into waves? Then this is the time to try a different look with various types of braids. Long braided hair will never lose its appeal whether they appear in a fine intricate way or a loose manner.

You can try various braids for long hair, all seasons instead of pulling the hair into a bun or ponytail. Some of the braided styles are easy to achieve without a helping hand while others require the help of a third party. Long straight hair will give you fine braids but you can also go for a messy braid with curly hair. Now is the time to try one of these interesting looks on the hair. Below are different ways you can style your long hair this year:

# 1 Icy Fishtail Braid

1 Icy Fishtail Braid

The slaying hairstyle features a wavy pastel silver hair with fine fishtail braid that descends graciously from the crown downwards. Pick some strands of hair from the sides to get two braiding patterns other than one.

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