30 Cornrow Hairstyles for Different Occasions – Get Your Special Look Today

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Cornrow hairstyles come from traditional African hairstyles, in which hair is braided very close to the scalp. Cornrows are the cornerstone to beautiful hair. The cornrow hairstyles were popular with kinky hair, but there is no limitation as to who can cornrow their hair in the modern day. Have a look at these incredible cornrow hairstyles and choose the one for any occasion.

# 1 Mohawk Cornrows

1 Mohawk Cornrows

This artistic hairstyle will definitely demand attention for all the right reasons. Part of the head is well shaven while leaving a little bit of hair. Instead of leaving the shaven part plain, fancy patterns are cut out creating a unique print. The middle part of the head is neatly cornrowed both at the top and the bottom with both segments meeting at the middle.

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