30 Topnotch and Easy Crown Braid Hairstyles You Should Try Out

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Although they have been around for centuries and were traditionally worn by Ukrainian women, the crown braid hairstyles are still in fashion and loved by many women. With just a single braid going around your head you will be good to go. If you have long and thick hair you should definitely try this hairstyle. People who want to completely change their look should try the hairstyle as well.

# 1 Braided Hair with Crown


The braided hair with crown is a hairstyle done on brunette hair. This circle braid style entails a thick braid going round the head and some hair left as fringes on both sides of the head. The crown is then placed between the braid and the fringes. You will, however, have to comb out the fringes. The hair style is ideal for any type of head but works best with thick hair. It is mostly for formal occasions and ideal for princesses or brides.

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