35 Trendiest Curly Updos Of All Time — Be The Prettiest

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If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated updo with a little flair, then a curly updo is for you. Curly updos are versatile and easy to do and can be worn not only on special occasions and events but also on a regular day at home. What makes curly updos so great is fact that they generally set and look better on day old hair, so if you’re running late or don’t have time wash and set your hair then you can opt to do a quick curly updo.

# 1 Curly Flower Updo


The white flower in this updo really makes the vivacious red color of the hair pop. The hair is first gathered over the ears towards the nape of the neck. Once at the nape the hair is then taken in small sections and curled slightly at the ends, with a medium sized curling iron. The individually curled sections are then pinned up in a circular flower like manner.

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