35 Marvelous Dark Blonde Shades – The Elegance Itself

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Dark blonde is the top color these days. Though, a lot of people are born with blonde hair, not everyone has an elegant dark blonde shade. The brownish mixture with blonde makes it a magnificent combination which can be dyed on by any girl and looks amazing on any given day. The unique feature of this color is, that regardless of whichever hairstyle one decides to wear, the color stands out in them all. It also magnifies the face of the girl and makes it look even more beautiful. Therefore, we have gathered these splendid 35 dark blonde hair color ideas for any girl that wants to change her appearance and hair color.

#1 Caramel Shade

1 Caramel Shade

The caramel shade on the blonde hair is looking very sexy in this image. The messy bun with hair coming out from the sides and back, makes this color sparks a lot.

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