25 Fabulous Dark Blue Hair Ideas – Using Your Hair to Brighten Your Looks

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Dark blue hair is now common among many women who want to look flashy, fashionable and attract some attention. Initially, it was seen as a sign of rebellion to have a brightly colored hair, but the trend has changed lately. Modern women are now embracing bright colored hairstyles because they are fashionable and inspirational. The following are some the coolest dark blue hairstyles that a modern woman can choose from and brighten their looks trendily.

#1 Dark-Indigo Side-Swept Curly Waves

1 Dark-Indigo Side-Swept Curly Waves

The first step in this style is to color the hair dark-indigo-blonde and then divide it into two asymmetrical halves from the top. Each half is then slicked sideways and styled to form soft curly waves. The hair should be long enough to fall below the shoulders for this style to come out gracefully.

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