45 Ways to Style Dark Ombre Hair — The Dramatic Transition of Colors

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Though it may not be a perfect match for everyone, dark ombre hair still remains one of the most classy and striking coloring technique. This is a coloring technique that gives you a natural dark hair, something that makes it a versatile wear for any given occasion. Dark ombre hair works with many different fades ranging from brown, red to blonde. Check out the 45 creative variations that you can try out in your next visit to the salon.

#1 Velvety Chocolate Copper Bob


Transform your long bob cut into an absolute stunner. Give it the sexy look of a chocolate copper ombre sporting that smooth velvety finish. Make it darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. Sport that classic twist by teasing the front into a full fringe. Finish by grabbing the hair at the crown and styling it into a half hair bun.

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