25 Dark Purple Hair Ideas That Will Tease And Splash

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Dark purple hair is a really great look for a woman, especially if you have a naturally deep tone. It is a great color option that blends a bit of subtlety with a playful youth. There are so many dark shades to choose from, and your own hair color will make whichever one you choose a unique hue that is all your own. These 25 dark purple hair ideas will give you the inspiration to find your very own dark purple hairstyle that you will love.

# 1 Pixie Deep Purple

1 Pixie Deep Purple

A fantastic way to mix a mid-length hair with deep purple tips gives this hairstyle a lot of flirt but keeps you looking a little serious. This deep purple mixes well with a darker brunette or black hair color, and will be so subtle sometimes the mystery will be overwhelming.

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