55 Amazing Designs for Burgundy Nails – Captivating and Trendy

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If you are looking for chic and classy nail design, you have every reason to look at burgundy nails. The nails have a history of complementing all nail shapes and sizes. Whether you believe it or not, burgundy is a shade that most people associate with some degree of loyalty. Does that tell us that Burgundy can come with some loyalty too? In fact, yes! And it would even compliment any of your other outfits. Check out these wondrous designs, and you feel free to make anyone of them your own.

# 1 Embellished Burgundy

1 Embellished Burgundy

Here we’ve got a nail polish design that will give your nails a subtle shimmer. Rather than having all the nails looking the same, you can sport this design that inverts the pattern. The design starts with the pinky finger and then finishes with the index finger. When we look at the other hand, the design starts with the index finger.

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