50 Gorgeous Hairstyles and Highlights for Dirty Blonde Hair Color

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Of all the spectrums of blondes, none is more inspiring and daring like dirty blonde hair. Just looking at celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston and Lauren Conrad and how they like to play around with every shade under the sun is proof of the dirty blonde effect.

Ever notice how blonde haired babes seem to look dazzling on a Monday morning after an entire weekend of tender loving and care to the hair? However, their luscious dirty locks tend to fall apart and go limp after a short while into the week. No matter how great your hairdresser is, time indeed waits for no man; and apparently no woman too. The good news here is that while we can’t avoid getting that several-day stale and a little frazzle and rumple here and there, there are plenty of ways to ensure you look great all the way. Maybe scrunch in some texturizing spray to earn some beauty waves, or go all the way up with accessories, scarves, pins to give your look some flair. Additionally, did you know that dirty hair has a much better texture that allows it to hold styles like a champ? Here are the top 50 most popular hairstyles and highlight techniques for people with Dirty Blonde Hair.

# 1 Short Balayage with Brown Curled Babylights


You do not have to have long hair to rock a killer dirty blonde look. No matter what hairdo you choose to go with, nothing beats balayage highlights. The roots on our boho chic Nella Gomez start off with a much darker shade and quickly transition to light blonde as you progress towards the tip. Getting some light curls to the short do makes for a great finishing touch.

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