45 Cool Dreadlock Styles – Unique Hairstyles for the Entire World

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Dreadlook styles are more popular than ever. Mostly associated with the Eastern and Western cultures, these hairstyles have now crossed the boundaries to become a worldwide wear. Everyone wants them, from teenagers to business professionals. And in case you’re prepared for a life with dreadlocks, then consider these 45 cool ideas for dreadlook styles.

#1 Natural Dreadlocks with Elongation


Stand out in natural dreadlocks and sport some elongation to achieve a greater length. Give it that blonde look blended with some cool rustic shades that add to the dramatic look of the hairstyle. Go a little bit more creative by grabbing part of the locs at the sides and twisting them into two bundles. Wrap them around in such a way that they form a crown on the head. Secure at the back with pins and let the extra length fall over the back.

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