30 Cool Dutch Braid Ideas — Versatile and Exotic Hair Trends

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A Dutch braid is a well-liked braided hairstyle that consists of multiple strands produced into a single intertwined part. Sometimes known as an inverted French braid, this braided hairstyle creates an exotic look that’s versatile enough to fit any situation or occasion. It can be styled in any type of hair that’s extended, brawny and broad. The braid forms a groundwork for many hairstyles and comes in many different variations. Below are 30 inspirational ideas of how to style a Dutch braid.

# 1 Messy Crown Braid


Give your blonde hair the sweet look of double three-strand braids that sit on each side. Give them a perfect wrap around the head to create that chic crowned look. Let the braids merge into a messy fishtail sporting a voluptuous end. Add to the cool messy look of the style by pulling loose a few strands.

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