45 Spectacular Emo Hairstyles for Self-Expression – Let Your Hair Speak for You!

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While Emo image is usually associated with loneliness and depression, your hair shouldn’t look depressing or hint at any pessimistic feelings even though you could be an emo to the very roots of your being. The traditional emo hairstyle would have thick side swept bangs, partially covering one of your eyes. It is usually messy, and it’s all about expressing your wild personality. Although the bangs are the most remarkable part of the emo image, this hairstyle is not limited to the bangs only. It also involves layers with choppy cuts, quite often ignoring traditional stylings and giving completely new definitions to well-known haircuts such as bob, for example. Black color has long been the most popular among emo followers, so if you decide to go traditional and you’re a natural brunette – consider yourself lucky. But it’s been long ago that black color dominated. Today you can either refresh your look with few colorful strands or dye your hair in any color of the rainbow. Why stop at one color, you can apply as many colors as you like and paint a full rainbow on your hair!

Emo hairstyles are most popular among teenagers, but there are ways adults can wear it without remorse of conscience or a note from a manager at work. Explore the options below and get inspired for a fresh new look!

# 1 Silver Gray with Purple Tips

1 Silver Gray with Purple Tips

We are starting exploring the emo hairstyles with not quite a traditional look. Silver gray sleek mane with a shade of purple flowing down from the middle of the hair length is extraordinary even for the emo style. Just the bangs keep it usual emo style and are swept to the side. With such a hairstyle you’ll look perfect as a nymph or the queen of extraterrestrial lands!

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