7 Best Essential Oils For Dry or Damaged Hair

Essential oils do wonders for your hair. Whatever hair type you have, be it curly, straight, wavy, dry– these special oils are just what your hair needs.

All natural and relatively inexpensive, these oils will give you your best hair ever. With the likes of lavender, lemongrass, and more, you can fight against skin infections, reduce pain, and eliminate stress, all while growing and nourishing your hair. Read on to learn more about the best seven essential oils to use on your hair.


1. Lavender Oil

Lavender is known for its miraculous effects on hair growth. Women and men that use lavender oil regularly can expect to see an increase in the number of new hair follicles. Additionally, the antimicrobial properties in lavender oil can fight off fungal and bacterial conditions. This is why lavender oil is an excellent choice for anyone suffering from an itchy scalp.

2. Rosemary Oil

Many people turn to rosemary oil to increase hair growth and thickness. The rosemary oil increases the body’s cellular metabolism, ultimately allowing new hair to grow. Similarly, rosemary oil can slow hair graying, eliminate dandruff, prevent baldness, and protect against a dry scalp.

3. Chamomile Oil

Looking to turn your dry hair into a soft and shiny mane? Chamomile should be your go-to essential oil to give you the glistening head of hair that you’ve always wanted.

4. Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood oil works to increase circulation in the scalp. This will help encourage hair growth, as well as slow any hair loss. Pure Path essential oils‘ cedarwood is an excellent choice for anyone suffering from alopecia and thinning hair.

5. Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage is another oil that is great for soothing irritated skin. THe linalyl acetate in clary sage oil reduces inflammation and promotes oil production in the skin. Clary sage should be used to treat rashes and any other irritating condition your scalp may be suffering from.

Additionally, if you find that stress is affecting the health of your hair, clary sage is an excellent option to return your body to balance. Clary sage oil works to regulate your body’s cortisol levels, acting as a cure-all for stress-related hair loss. Shop for PurePath oils to try Clary Sage for yourself.

6. Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil can be used to heal the scalp, cleanse the hair, reduce stress, repel bugs, and treat minor headaches. Lemongrass oil is a top solution for anyone that suffers from scalp conditions like dandruff or very dry scalps.

7. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a powerful stimulant and has many uses for the hair and body. Use this oil to improve hair growth, treat dandruff, eliminate lice, stimulate the scalp, and more. Most people love peppermint oil for its natural cooling sensation that acts as an incredible stress reliever.

Essential oils are nature’s answer to any hair concern you may face. Start off with these seven essential oils and see which work best for you.