45 Best French Twist Updo Ideas — The Greatest Options For You!

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No matter which corner of the globe you look at, it’s quite easy to see that French women have their own unique ways of looking gorgeous. I mean, you can’t like at the romance capital and not pick up a thing or two about beauty. Of all their styles, fashions, and cultures, we can’t help but adore the signature look that is a French Twist Updo. The lovely shape and simple nature of the style admirably look trendy and stylish for all occasions. If you’ve never tried one of their styles, you have no idea what you are missing. Nobody can say no to a beautiful French Twist Updo, especially when you pair it with formal or office wear. But not so fast now! We all know how to make a simple twist, big deal right? How about stepping off the rails and making things a bit more colorful and exciting? Here are the top 45 most exciting French twist updos that are great for all hair types.

# 1 Classic French Twist Updo


This classic French twist updo incorporates a modern twist to the overall style. It not only features a very classy look that is perfect for any elegant function, but it also has a messy yet organized haired touch, inherent for a standout style. The classic updo suggests a bit of tousling and twisting your hair into one well-layered twist.

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