35 Impeccable Full Sew In Ideas – Using Weaves to Get a Complete Hair Makeover

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Full sew in hairstyles come in a wide range of styles and color to match perfectly with different skin tones and outfits. The good thing with sew-ins is that you do not have to have a certain type of hair texture, thickness or a certain hair length to get your desired hairstyle. For women suffering from hair loss or those who want to protect their hair from harsh weather, sew ins can do you a great favor without compromise your looks. The following are some of the amazing full sew in hairstyles that are inspirational, trendy and timeless.

#1 Creamy Black Symmetrical Curls

1 Creamy Black Symmetrical Curls

For women who love having curly and a voluminous long hairstyle that is trendy and unique, this is a cool style to go for. In this style, black curly hair extensions are sewn neatly on the hair and then divided into two symmetrical halves from the top. Each half is swept sideways and left to hang freely.

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