55 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Ghana Braids — Look Beautiful and Live Like a Queen

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Ghana Braids is a popular hairstyle in African countries. The Africans are highly skilled in making this hairstyle which looks sexy and stylish. This hairstyle is also known as Pencil braids or Cherokee cornrow. This braiding is quite different from the normal braiding. it requires continuous braiding of hairs in a single cornrow. There are several styles of Ghana braids which are quite common and some of them are very rare too. Braids can be done in several ways. They can be all of the same size or they can alternate in sizes. Once the braids are done it is very easy to style these braids into different hair styles. The braids can be tied in a pony or can be tied in a bun. Hence there are several hairstyles with the braids. Here are some of the sensuous styles of Ghana braids and some basic information about them.

# 1 Broward Ghana Braids


Braids look beautiful as such only, but when they are tied in a pony they look all the more ravishing. The braids are tied by rolling them in a knot. These hair are very difficult to make but once the hair styles is done it remains for 3 to 4 days or till you feel like changing it. The best part is that hair can be washed keeping the braids intact.

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