75 Spectacular Hair Braiding Styles – Head-Turning and Inspiring Plaits

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There are countless options available when it comes to hair braiding styles. And this is because people have been doing it for thousands of years. In fact, there is enough evidence to show that human beings started weaving hair in the early years of civilization. The best thing about braids is that most of these designs work with almost any hair length because there is the option of adding some synthetic extensions. But, it is always important to choose something that looks good and feels comfortable on your hair. If you are planning to knit your strands here are 75 distinct designs that will give you some fabulous ideas on what to try.

# 1 Four Strand Lace Braid into Updo

1 Four Strand Lace Braid Into Updo

A lace braid is easy to make, but this is only true once you figure out how to knit the strands. The one in this design is a four strand that starts at the front and finishes into a tight updo that also has a braided ponytail hanging from it at the back.

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