35 Cool Hair Buns — Trendy Hairstyles to Try Out

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Hair buns have been a classic and timeless hairstyle for women for many years. A hair bun consists of a circular coil wrapped around itself. It can be plaited or twisted depending on your preferences. Hair buns are often put on the nape, back of the head or at the top. This type of hairstyle ranges from chic and romantic to casual and flirty. It provides a versatile look perfect for work, prom, gym or bridal parties. Hair buns can be paired with different hair accessories to create a more refreshing finish. Below are 35 inspirational ideas for hair buns.

# 1 Creative Bun for Wavy Hair


Give your locks some texture and use a flat iron to style your hair into long, flawless waves. Pull it back starting from the front. Ensure to leave a few loose strands at the front for a flirty look. Draw the locks to the center of the back of the head to create a professional look. Using a ribbon, secure the locks at the base to create a wavy ponytail. Wrap the ponytail into a loose spiral and secure with bobby pins for a cool wavy finish.

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