70 Lovely Hairstyles for Long Hair – All about Looking Gorgeous and Fashionable

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Hairstyles for long hair come in different colors and shades that are timeless. Many women love having a long hairstyle because it makes them look gorgeous and fashionable. This is the reason why women use different hair products to keep their hair long and classy. The good thing with long hair is that it can be shaped into numerous styles that are trendy and easy to maintain. Above all, long hair gives room for creativity and it is easily shaped into unique styles to avoid blending with everyone in the crowd. This article highlights various timeless hairstyles for long hair that modern women can choose from to look gorgeous and fashionable.

#1 Highlighted Upside-Down French Braid

1 Highlighted Upside-Down French Braid

This is a cool style for women who want to look unique and trendy in a French braid. The hair is first colored gray-beige before braiding. Once you are done with coloring and braiding, the lasting step is to hold it upside down above the head in a messy knot.

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