45 Memorable Homecoming Hair Styles — Ideas for Long and Short Hair

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Homecoming hair should not be as formal as what you wear to prom, but this does not mean that it should not be chic. It is still one of those events in your life that you should be able to look back to and smile. However, this will only be so if you choose not only the right attire but also a top notch headdress. Girls have varying tastes, and their hair types and lengths are also different and so what works for your friends might not be suitable for you. And so your individual preferences should always guide you in choosing the right style for this momentous event. Besides, make sure that the design you choose complements your outfit and that it can remain intact throughout the occasion. Here are 45 glamorous designs that will make it easy for you to choose an awe-inspiring hairstyle for your homecoming.

# 1 Crown Braid with Flowers


Even when you are not certain of the best style to have for your homecoming, you can always be confident that the crown braids will make you look chic. This particular one is very straightforward as you only need to knit a medium size Dutch braid that wraps around the head and accessorize it with flowers. However, the strands also have some subtle highlights that add to the beauty of the headdress.

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