25 Exiting Ways to Wear Cornrows – Extraordinary and Stylish

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There is hardly a black girl who has never had cornrows plaited on her head. Cornrows have been around for centuries and they come in various forms, big, small, and facing various directions. They are also adorned in different ways and the end result is that the cornrows can give you a different look every week that you change them. Here are some of the best cornrows you can get for your little girl.

#1 Tan Lines


The good news about this hairstyle is that you won’t have to spend much time at the salon because there are only two lines. If all the time you have been searching on how to do cornrows, you should your hair will be braided into a rope using braids right from the top of your head and the will cascade down the head to look like pig tails. The pig tails are tan in color hence the name tan lines.

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