65 Admirable Ideas on Brown Hair with Highlights-(2019) Top Hair Color

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Delightful hairdos that comprise of brown hair with highlights are enticing and as adorable as any headdress can get. Some ladies have a beautiful and natural brown mane, and so for them, styling is all about painting the locks with some subtle streaks. Even if it is not your base color, you can still achieve it with balayage effortlessly. But, you also have to choose your highlights well by going for shades that accentuate the base color and also suit your skin tone. Here is a gallery of 65 refined hairdos that showcase some of the best ways to wear this color design.

# 1 Dark and Sexy Chestnut Streaks

1 Dark and Sexy Chestnut Streaks

This beautiful hair keeps a dark brown base color that is consistent throughout the head, and the lady spices it up by painting it with chestnut highlights on the lower section.

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