25 Radiant Khloe Kardashian Hair – Looks to Nail in 2019

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Khloe Kardashian is glamor personified. Everything about her is stylish and polished and when it comes to gorgeous hair she is the queen. She’s almost solely responsible for the rise in popularity of the long bob, or lob which is the hottest look right now. Khloe wears it with a little shape and graduation and thousands of girls around the world are now trying it for themselves. But Khloe has worn her hair in a number of different styles and colors over the years. Today we’re looking at 25 of her best looks:

# 1 Simple Champagne Blonde Locks

1 Simple Champagne Blonde Locks

Of all the looks Khloe has tried (and she’s tried almost everything) we love her best with her long champagne blonde hair with dark shadow roots. Here she’s wearing it with a simple middle part and a loose wave.

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