30 Of the Hottest Lavender Hair Trends — Always Stay Cool and Stylish!

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With there being so many different techniques on how to color hair and with such a vast array of colors to choose from it’s sometimes hard to find the perfect hair style and color for you. Many people just go for the basic “safe” tried and tested coloring options however if you are willing to step out of the “safe” box and try something and little different then lavender hair is a must. This beautiful pastel color looks trendy and fashionable without being overdone and is rated one of the most elegant pastel shades of all time. Below are 30 chic lavender hair looks to inspire you.

# 1 Shades of Lavender


This specific shade of pastel lavender hair color is enhanced by the models pale almost chalky complexion. There are two different shades of lavender being used on the hair to create sort of a light lavender ombré look. The roots are colored with a dark shade of lavender while the remaining hair is colored with a pale lavender, bordering on pink color.

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