45 Brilliant Light Blonde Hair Ideas – Sweet and Bright Blondie Locks

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A bright and charming light blonde hair will always make a woman look fantastic, and it is perfect when you want to brighten your overall appearance. And with the modern color techniques like balayage and ombre, there are endless color designs that you can achieve with this shade. While some ladies will prefer to keep a consistent tone throughout the head, most others will find a color melt or blend more attractive. But, all these looks are possible with lights blonde and below are some 45 adorable hairdos that demonstrate this.

# 1 Icy Blonde Streaks

1 Icy Blonde Streaks

These straight strands have an excellent volume and length, and so the lady only needs to paint them with an icy blonde shade and with a touch of platinum and honey to create a beautiful hair tone.

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