45 Cute Light Brown Hair Colors – Stay in Harmony with Nature

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Nowadays fashion trends put emphasis on naturalness. This applies, above all, to hairstyles. Light brown hair color is the most popular today, as it incorporates versatility and ability to transform the woman who has any type of skin and eye color. Plus such dying does not require a fundamental change of the image. It will give you softness and sensuality. This style is perfect for creating an elegant image. At first sight, soft and natural brown hair color might seem not as striking and extravagant as red or bright beautiful brunettes and blondes, but this warm color attracts attention by its naturalness and richness of the shades. The palette of light brown hair color is pretty amazing. It includes such shades as caramel, honey, light chestnut, deep chestnut, light chestnut honey, yellow-green chestnut and many others. Let’s have a look at some vivid examples of this hair color and find the advantages of this trendy hairstyle.

# 1 Sweet Honey Luxury

1 Sweet Honey Luxury

This luxurious shade will suit girls with dark skin and dark eyes. Hair length is important, because the longer the hair is, the more it suits your look. To have a stunning look, you only need to dry the hair and apply a few drops of oil to make it shine. Honey color and long thick strands make the whole thing for you.

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