50 Ideas on Light Brown Hair with Highlights – Lovely and Trending

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Light brown hair with highlights looks fancier and stylish than plain brown hair. For women with brown hair or those who want to color their hair brown to look modish, the secret is to spice it with some different color highlights. That way, you are able to look unique and avoid blending with everyone in the crowd. More so, for women who want to look glamorous and attract some attention, you can achieve this by adding lighter color highlights on your light brown hair. Here are some hot ideas for light brown hair with highlights that a modern woman can choose from and look spectacular.

# 1 Side Swept Fancy Waves

1 Side Swept Fancy Waves

In this style, the hair is colored light brown with mild gray highlights and the then divided into two halves from the top. Each hair is styled to form soft waves that are swept sideways and downward to hang freely. The half should be long enough to fall below the shoulders for this style to come out beautifully.

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