45 Best Lob Haircut Styles 2019 — Break the Monotony!

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Frankly speaking, there is something unique about women with fun haircuts. In fact, for a woman to dawn short hair, it takes boldness and unmatched confidence. Such styles break the monotony of the overt femininity that long hair provides. Before the 1900s, women were afraid of having short hairstyles, and it was a bold step when some American women began having haircuts. Since then, you will spot short hairstyles with bangs, curly haircuts, and short lob haircut styles among many women.

Many celebrities in the music, acting, and modeling industries wear fun haircuts and set fashion trends for the rest. The styles are sexy, feminine, and bring out the features covered by long hairstyles. Contrary to the popular misconception that haircuts can only suit certain faces and looks, anyone can look cool in short hair. A lob haircut works for both thin and thick hair; hence, this article offers you a list of 45 fun haircuts that can inspire you to follow suit.

# 1 Purple Lavender Confection


Purple curly bob cut is the style to beat when you want to look bold and sleek. This hairdo by Spencer Henry Beauty will keep heads turning due to its simplicity and beauty. The color and active curls make it among the most sought after lob haircuts this season. You can also dawn this perfect look anywhere from official to glamor without feeling misplaced.

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