45 Stunning Long Hairstyles with Bangs – Perfect for This Winter

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Long hairstyles with bangs are most definitely gaining popularity as a trending winter hairstyle. Not only do they allow you to fully showcase your face and makeup by framing your facial structure and drawing attention to your eyes, but they also have the added advantage of keeping you a bit warmer in the cold winter months. Check out the 45 variations of long hairstyles with bangs below and see for yourself just how gorgeous and versatile this trend is!

# 1 Perfect Blondie

1 Perfect Blondie

Here the blonde style pairs perfectly with bangs to create a hairstyle that frames the face and enhances the eyes. Darker roots leading into light blonde hair make a great transition into the style as a whole. The long, slightly wispy bangs give the hair a relaxed feel while still allowing the eyes and eye makeup to take center stage.

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