55 Mesmerizing Hairstyles with Maroon Color – Mastering Warm Tones

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Maroon is the deeper cousin of red that is extremely versatile and suits a lot of different skin tones and looks. Hair stylists around the world have incorporated this color in various forms over the years, to complement different seasons and outfits. When planning to dye your hair, maroon color is a no-fail option that can easily be adapted to your taste and personality. Here are 55 amazing hair looks that will make you fall in love with this gorgeous shade.


#1 Side Swept Bangs


This is a simple way to succumb to the magic of this rich shade. Go for longer bangs that you can sweep to one side of the face to frame your features, and drape the rest of your maroon locks over the shoulders. This is a very simple hairstyle to replicate and it looks great with loads of different outfits and colors. You can experiment with both neutral and smoky makeup as per the occasion.

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